September 01, 2022

Federal Land: Celebrating 50 years of transforming Philippines’ real estate landscape for Filipinos nationwide


This August 2022, Federal Land Inc. marks 50 years as one of the Philippines’ largest and most trusted property developers. From starting out as a humble home builder, Federal Land Inc, has since expanded to creating family-centric communities with huge living spaces and retail businesses, enabling millions of Filipinos to live the best versions of their lives.
For five decades, Federal Land Inc. has revolutionized the Philippine real estate scene with timeless and one-of-a-kind developments. A subsidiary of Dr. George S.K. Ty’s GT Capital Holdings, Inc., one of the Philippines’ largest corporate conglomerates, was formed 50 years ago by the late Ty, one of the country’s most visionary tycoons. It is presently led by his son, Chairman Alfred V. Ty, who is an accomplished businessman.
“Our late founder, Dr. George S.K. Ty’s love for architecture has molded the company to expand its portfolio into delivering large-scale and quality developments,” Chairman Ty said in an interview with
Indeed, Dr. George Ty’s passion for building and his clear vision of leaving a lasting legacy are at the heart of the tale of Federal Land. Even though he did not pursue a career in architecture, Dr. Ty was fascinated by the power of architecture as a way to solve the housing scarcity problem throughout his academic years.
The late founder never lost his passion or interest in the industry, and this was evident in the success of his businesses. He was a hands-on businessman who not only controlled his conglomerate but also designed several of the branches of the enormous Metropolitan Bank and Trust Co. Taking into account form and function, elegance and efficiency, curiosity and creativity, he participated in the development and usage of each area.
There are still visible proofs of this enthusiasm and love for architecture. It may be observed in the imposing structures and other buildings that GT Capital Holdings owns, including residences and banks. In fact, after designing bank branches, Dr. Ty began to sketch houses. He had a sharp eye for ideal spots and saw opportunities to change the look of a particular environment.
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