April 21, 2021

How to Baby Proof Your Condo


New parents know how fast a baby grows. While you may not have given much thought to how safe your condo is for babies for the first few months, you will soon see how easy it is for babies to get into trouble. Take precautions to make your condominium safe and secure for your baby. From kitchen cabinets to outlet covers, here’s how you can make sure your condo is safe from hazards that could pop up as your baby starts crawling and walking.
Tackle the Big Things First
Before the baby learns to crawl, check if anything needs to be fixed or replaced. Balcony must be secured, leaks in the bathroom must be fixed, and the glass coffee table must be replaced. Go over all your furniture to see if heavy items like bookshelves and television are at risk of tipping over.
See from baby’s eyes
Can’t figure out potential risks at home? Put yourself in the position of a curious baby and crawl around your condo unit to see up close the tiny objects you may not notice when you are standing tall. Babies inspect the things they see for the first time, and that inspection sometimes leads to tasting. So, remove anything you would not want them putting in their mouths.
Watch out for sharp edges
Furniture with sharp corners and babies learning to walk is a bad combination. You may want to get rid of furniture with a sharp edge to make room for your baby to play on the floor. If corners are unavoidable in your condo unit, get safety guards to turn smoothen edges and provide a softer bump.
Be cautious around electricity
There already have been numerous cases of babies sticking things into an electrical outlet and its unfortunate consequence. Electrical outlets on the floor level should have covers on them at all times to prevent the baby from playing electrical plugs. Extension cords, wires, and appliances must also be tucked out of sight and out of reach to little children.
Maintain a toddler-friendly kitchen
If your condo unit has an open-concept kitchen, a crawling baby may easily find a way to the cabinets. Invest in childproof cabinet locks to ensure your baby will not get to the glassware, heavy items, or knives. Once the kid is standing and can reach the counter, place stove-knob covers to prevent them from turning on the burners.
Lock the bathroom all the time
The bathroom is an area for possible injury. When toddlers become fascinated with knobs, they can get into the shower, turn the hot water, and scald themselves. Another scenario is a baby playing in the toilet can slip or drown unexpectedly. To keep curious babies safe, set your thermostat at a neutral temperature and keep your bathroom door locked at all times. Ensure that the bathroom and medicine cabinets are secured, and the cleaning supplies are out of reach by little children.
Secure all doors
A child by nature is curious, and sometimes whatever is behind a door is more interesting to them than anything in front of them. To prevent unsafe exploration – or a missing child – use doorknob covers or child gate to prevent your kid from going outside without you. For the glass door on the balcony, you may consider using decal stickers to clue your kid that they must not run into the glass.
Move the houseplants
Indoor plants purify the air inside your condo unit and make your home more relaxing. However, some plants are toxic to babies and pets. There is also a risk of a child eating dirt. So may you have to move your potted plants and terrarium to the balcony or hang them in the ceiling to keep out of reach of your little gardener.
Do a regular sweep
Since staying at home now is the preferred option in the new normal, use this time to scan all details of your condo and consider the possible safety implications for your baby. Vacuum regularly to suck up loose change, toy parts, or any small item they may find on the floor, put into their mouths, and cause choking.

Condo living provides families a home that marries comfortable living space and convenience of a central address. With these simple tips, you can get ahead of the game and create a safe home for your kids.

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