May 24, 2021



The Capital Towers along E. Rodriguez Avenue in Quezon City

It’s one smart, practical choice for today’s homebuyers and investors. For many discerning buyers. For many discerning buyers, ready ­for ­occupancy units (RFO) present the most ideal option for them. Easily, you are able to see your actual investment, and inspect its features, amenities and location—making it much easier for you to weigh your options, negotiate and decide. It thus comes as no surprise that RFOs have long been seeing increased preference and popularity, as these residences clearly offer distinct, immediate advantages.

For one, there are no surprises here, no blind spots. Since RFO units are already completed projects, you don’t just get a preview—rather, you will know immediately the kind of lifestyle you can have in this development. You will get to see the condition of the actual unit; inspect the quality of the materials and finishes; and even have full access to the buildings to see how much of the promised amenities, features and safety measures have been included.