Celebrate mid-autumn season with Grand Hyatt Manila’s exquisite mooncake flavors

MANILA, Philippines — In celebration of the Moon Festival, Grand Hyatt Manila welcomes the season with a luxury mooncake collection in five delicious flavors, handcrafted by the hotel’s Chinese chefs from its premier Chinese restaurant, No.8 China House. This year’s baked favorites include the traditional white lotus and red bean, along with contemporary confections such […]

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News | The perfect Peking duck: ‘Fatty with a special flavor on the skin’

Traditional Peking Duck roasting in themango wood-fueled oven —PHOTOS BY JOAN BONDOCAt No. 8 China House, the recipe for the perfect Peking duck starts with what the duck eats. The new Cantonese restaurant at Grand Hyatt Manila is modern, but the cooking technique is traditional. To achieve authenticity, and to make sure that sourcing is […]

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