1. How much is the reservation fee?
    Reservation fees vary per project from Php 50,000 to Php 350,000.
  2. What do I need to do to officially reserve a Condominium Unit?
    Requirements to officially reserve a unit are as follows:
    1. Full payment of the Reservation Fee
    2. Photocopy of one (1) valid government-issued IDs of Principal Buyer/s and Spouse/s (if applicable). Valid government-issued IDs with photos and signatures:
      1. Passport
      2. Driver’s License
      3. GSIS ID
      4. SSS ID
      5. Professional Regulatory Commission ID
      6. Tax Identification Number ID card
      7. Senior Citizen ID
      8. Postal ID
    3. Photocopy of TIN ID card or BIR validated 1904 form
    4. Fully accomplished and signed Reservation Application
    5. Fully accomplished Buyer’s Information SheetFor purchase under a Corporation, the following additional documents are required:
        • Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws (photocopy)
        • Secretary’s Certificate indicating the name of authorized signatory (notarized)
        • BIR-validated 1903 or copy of Certificate of Registration
        • For the authorized signatory to submit items 2 and 3 above
  3. How long will my reservation be valid?
    The reservation is valid for thirty (30) calendar days from the settlement of reservation fee. Kindly submit all the required documents to finalize the unit booking.
  4. Can a foreigner purchase a condominium unit in the Philippines?
    Yes, foreigners are allowed to own condominium units in the Philippines, as stated in Section 5 of Republic Act No. 4726, otherwise known as the Condominium Act.
  5. Will I be able to refund my Reservation Fee if I decide to cancel my reservation?
    No, the reservation fee is non-refundable and non-transferrable. As stated in the Reservation Application, the reservation fee will be forfeited in favor of the Developer if no succeeding payments are received.
  6. Can I name the Unit purchase under my child who is a minor?
    Yes, on the condition that the parent or legal guardian signs the contract on behalf of the minor. Please contact us for more details.
  7. What are the available payment terms?
    There are several payment terms available – Cash Term, Bank Financing Term, Deferred Cash/Installment Term, and No Down Payment Term. Please contact us for more details as the availability of these payment terms also vary per project.
  8. Can I change my initially selected payment term?
    Yes, you may change or restructure your selected term, but this will also be subject to Management’s approval and we will be charging a minimal processing fee.
  9. How do I pay for my monthly amortizations? Do you have specific requirements?
    On or before the due date of the first (1st) monthly amortization, the Buyer is required to submit Postdated Checks for the remaining monthly amortizations (that is, until the end of the payment term).
  10. Can I pay in foreign currency or remit payment?
    Yes, we accept payment in US dollars. The exchange rate shall be based on the date the payment is credited to the Developer’s account.
  11. Can I upgrade my unit purchase (e.g., change to a bigger unit, from 1BR to 2BR)?
    Yes, you can upgrade your purchase. The Developer will first check if the preferred unit is still available. If it is still available, the Buyer will be required to submit a written request. Once the request is approved, a new contract will be drawn up for the upgraded unit.
  12. Am I allowed to downgrade my purchased unit?
    Yes. The process to downgrade is similar to that of upgrading a unit purchase. However, all expenses incurred by the Developer (commission, incentives, penalties, downgrading fee, etc.) shall be deducted from the Buyer’s original contract price, in favor of the Developer.
  13. Will I be able to refund my payments if I cancel my purchase or default on my monthly amortizations?
    The developer adheres to provisions as stipulated in Republic Act No. 6552 or the “Realty Installment Buyer Protection Act,” also known as the Maceda Law. This law states that when the Buyer has paid at least two (2) years of installments, the seller/developer shall refund 50% of the total payments made if there is a cancellation on the purchase. For payments less than two years, the provisions as stipulated in the Contract to Sell will prevail.
  14. When will the unit be turned over to me? Will there be additional requirements to have it scheduled?
    The unit turnover will be scheduled when all the following conditions are met:
    1. Full payment of the contract price (including penalties and interests, if applicable)
    2. Complete submission of all the required sales documents (listed above)
    3. Payment of related Advance Registration Charges (ARC).
  15. May I request that my unit be turned over before full payment of the contract price?
    No, this is not allowed. Buyers are encouraged to either avail of bank financing (with accredited banks) or in-house financing to pay the unit in its entirety.
  16. Will I be allowed to inspect the Unit before the actual turnover?
    Yes, the Hand Over Team will coordinate with the Buyer on the schedule of unit inspection.
  17. May I assign someone else to accept the Unit for turnover?
    Yes, the Buyer may assign a representative to accept the unit on his behalf thru a notarized Special Power of Attorney (SPA). The SPA is also required to bring a valid ID plus photocopy.
  18. Can I have my Unit rented out?
    Yes, you may have your unit leased out.
  19. How much is the average monthly Condominium Association Dues, and what does it cover?
    Monthly Association Dues vary per project, depending on the operating expenses of the building. Association Dues are used to defray the cost of maintaining and operating the building’s common areas and facilities. These costs include administration/management fees, janitorial, security, taxes and licenses, insurances, real estate tax, maintenance of equipment water distribution, garbage collection, maintenance of sewage treatment plant, and other miscellaneous expenses.

For more details, please email customerservice@federalland.ph.

  1. How much is the rate for Le Parc?
    • For Hall A : P 28,000.00
    • For Hall B : P 40,000.00
    • For whole venue : P 68,000.00
    • December Rate : P 68,000.00 (half venue is not allowed)
  2. What is the maximum capacity of the venue?
    • Hall A
      • 122 pax (Banquet set-up)
      • 102 pax (Cocktail Set-up)
      • 104 pax (Classroom set-up)
    • Hall B
      • 155 pax (Banquet set-up)
      • 150 pax (Cocktail set-up)
      • 150 pax (Classroom set-up)
    • Whole Venue
      • 250 pax
  3. How many hours can we use the venue?
    Maximum of 5 hours. There will be charged in excess of 5 hours.
  4. How much is the charge?
    • For Hall A : P 2,500.00
    • For Hall B : P 3,500.00
    • For whole venue : P 5,000.00
  5. How many hours is the ingress?
    • For Hall A : 2 hours
    • For Hall B : 3 hours
    • For whole venue : 5 hours
  6. How much if we extend our ingress time?
    • For Hall A or B : P 2,000.00 / per hour
    • For Hall A & B : P 3,500.00 / per hour
  7. What are the amenities of the venue?
    • Two (2) fully air-conditioned function halls which can accommodate a maximum of 250 guests if combined
    • Air-conditioned suite where the organizers or even the debutante or couples could stay and freshen up
    • Kitchen or pantry area for the caterers to facilitate the smooth ingress and egress of food and drinks
    • Back-up generator to ensure uninterrupted power during an event
    • Standard stage (12 x 24 x 2ft. high)
    • Dance floor (12 x 24 ft wood parquet)
    • Projector screen (10.5 x 14ft)
    • Ample parking spaces
    • Landscape gardens
    • 24-hour security team
  8. Do you have corkage fee?
    None. Open to any caterer/supplier.
  9. How many parking slots do you have? Is it for free?
    There are 92 parking slots available on site. They are currently free but are subject to change based on management direction.
  10. What is the exact address of the event venue?
    EDSA extension cor. Macapagal Blvd., Metropolitan Park, Pasay City.

  1. How much is the rate of Le Pavillon?
    • Half Venue (AM Events) : P 75,000.00
    • Half Venue (PM Events) : P 85,000.00
    • Whole Venue (350-750 guests only) : P 120,000.00
    • Whole Venue (700-1000 guests only) : P 168,000.00
    • Rate for December Event : P 180,000.00 (half venue is not allowed)
  2. What is the maximum capacity of the venue?
    • Banquet : 1,000 pax
    • Classroom Conference : 1,500 pax
    • Theater Seating: 1,500 pax
    • Cocktails : 1,300 pax
  3. How many hours can we use the venue?
    Maximum of 5 hours. There will be charge in excess of 5 hours.
  4. How much is the charge?
    • Half Venue : P 5,000.00
    • Whole Venue : P 10,000.00
  5. What time is the start of the ingress?
    • Half venue (AM) : 3 AM onwards
    • Half venue (PM) : 8 AM onwards
    • Whole venue : 6 AM of the same day
  6. What are the amenities of the venue?
    • Two (2) private dressing areas equipped with individual toilet & bath and mirrors with vanity lights
    • Large capacity, air-conditioned “his and hers” restrooms
    • Executive and handicap-equipped restrooms
    • Full-service kitchen with counters, utility sinks and stainless table and shelf
    • Covered grand entrance driveway
    • Generous parking spaces
    • Fully air-conditioned
    • Stand-by Gen set 500 KVA, 220 Volts
    • Standard Stage (16 X 24 X 3 ft.) or (4 x 16 x 2ft) FREE
    • Dance floor (16 X 32 ft. wood parquet = 16 panels of 4 X 8 ft.) FREE
    • Projector Screen (10.5 X 14 ft.) FREE
    • Additional Personnel : Php1, 000.00 / day
  7. Do you have corkage fee?
    A corkage fee of P10,000.00 is required for non-accredited caterers
  8. Who are the accredited caterers?
    • Bizu
    • Center Table Catering
    • Chef Jessie Restaurant
    • Hizon’s Catering
    • Josiahs Catering
    • K Cunanan Catering
    • Richgold Wedding Catering
    • Tamayo’s Catering
    • The New Albergus Catering
    • Tjioe The Caterer
    • VS & F Catering
  9. How many parking slots do you have? Is it for free?
    There are 570 parking slots available on site. They are currently free but are subject to change based on management direction.
  10. What is the exact address of the event venue?
    Metrobank Avenue, Metropolitan Park, Roxas Boulevard cor. EDSA, Pasay City

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