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Jumpstart your career with Federal Land!

Become part of one of the leading real estate companies in the country with more than 45 years of experience in delivering iconic and world class residential, commercial and office tower developments, as well as five-star international hotels in Metro Manila’s key cities and Cebu.


Sales Position

Time to level up your career with Federal Land.

Become a part of our growing team that provides endless possibilities and opportunities


Broker Position

Join Federal Land’s Elite Sales and Brokers Team.

*Minimum requirement: should have completed at least two (2) years in college with 72 units completed.



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Marina Criselda Sales
Corporate Talent Acquisition

“To be working for a company for years is a good indication of fruition of goals. To stay more for years makes one look forward to achieving growth and success with the help of new and seasoned employees.”

Jhoan Fermato
Human Resource

“Federal Land instilled in me values that made me a more resilient person despite the challenges I face as an HR practitioner.”

Rina Rose Quiñones
Corporate Services

“One of the main factors that make employees stay long here at Federal Land is its good working environment.”

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Loucel Letaban
Business Management

“I love what I do in my job and the people I work with.”

Bon Luyun

“The learnings and experiences that we have acquired here at Federal Land make us who we are today.”

Efren Gonzales III
Senior Property Specialist

“Working for Federal Land has been a learning ground for me since it was my first ever sales-related job experience. I improved so much on communicating and socializing with my clients through the years. I can confidently say that Federal Land played a significant role in my life since I was able to

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Jennilyn Joy Abuleche
Senior Property Specialist

“Selling at Federal Land is a great opportunity that helped me build a strong, stable and fulfilling career. Federal Land helped me achieve a better standing in life, making me capable and competitive.”

Julius Dijamco
Sales Manager

“Federal Land has changed me a lot, professionally, socially and financially. I have never dreamed of being a real estate sales person. I just heard and read success stories before. But now I can proudly say that I am part of the success story, through hard work and perseverance.”

Kelvin Hortel
Central Park West Resident

“I went across many properties in BGC, but after visiting Central Park West, we decided this is the perfect lifestyle we are looking for. "All in one" is what best describes this Federal Land property. There is a beautiful skyline view, a great lobby, green gardens, an awesome swimming pool, and a m

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