February 23, 2022

A piece of Japan at the heart of metropolitan development in Manila

LUXURY RISING The four towers of the Seasons Residences along side The Grand Hyatt (leftmost)
Realize your Japanese fantasies in this masterplanned community in BGC
Japan is a fascinating country. Despite its considerably small land area, as compared to other advanced nations, and even after its devastation during the Second World War, Japan has emerged as the third largest economy in the world from having attained remarkable growth in the second half of the 20th century. Japan’s rapid post-war expansion can be attributed to its successful car and consumer electronics industries.
While their technology is highly developed, Japan is a genius when it comes to preserving its cultures and traditions. One would assume that being so forward-looking, it could easily neglect its past, but Japan proves otherwise.
The Japanese lifestyle may have been Westernized, but the Japanese remain faithful in keeping their rich cultural heritage. Take for instance their tea ceremonies, wearing of kimono, as well as learning traditional arts and crafts.
I have always been captivated by the East Asian country, its people, language, technology, arts and culture, especially anime and, of course, food. I am sure many Filipinos feel the same way. How I would love to visit Japan and maybe even live there given the chance! Those who dream the same could partially achieve this. To live in Japan, but without leaving the Philippines.
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