September 14, 2021

Architects stress need to design for people

RENOWNED architects underscored the importance of designing structures for the people and ensuring that their current needs arc being addressed with it.
In a virtual forum organized by Federal Land Inc. last Tuesday, Tange Associates Chairman and Principal Architect Paul Noritaka Tange said that an important purpose to remember is that they arc designing for the people.
He is the son of renowned architect Kenzo Tange who designed many famous structures in fapan and abroad.
“If we are creating something… we are creating a space for human beings and people should be happy, you feel comfortable and there are always activities behind the facade,” Tange said.
EQA Design Collaborative Principal Architect Denise de Castro likewise emphasized the need to design with empathy and design for the people and learn about what they need, especially at a time of a rapidly changing environment.
“We can no longer look at previous needs and expectations but really design for how they arc changing in real time,” she said.
“Hopefully, we can design for a better future that is more resilient and that will get us through the crisis that we’re going through,” dc Castro added.
Read more: Manila Times

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