May 20, 2021

6 Best Philippine Cities to Live in for Young Professionals

best cities to live in the philippines

Many young professionals think of moving to a condominium unit as they stake their independence and put money into their first big investment. The convenience of condo living appeals to the younger workforce, as its features match the fast-paced corporate world.

Indeed, young professionals have to make a crucial decision of finding a place to live. A condo for sale in Manila can offer safety and security, although this doesn’t mean your options are limited. The Philippines provides the best cities to live in for young professionals with budding careers.

This article will go through the famous and best cities that you can consider living in when deciding to move into a new home.

N Best Cities in the Philippines for Professionals

1. Makati

Most Filipinos living in the Greater Manila Area have experienced working in Makati at least once in their professional life. So it goes without saying that you live where you work when you get a condo in Makati, one of the country’s prime centers for business and leisure.

There’s no shortage of things you’ll love about Makati. Walking to work is an all-too-common scenario here. Besides being a healthy way to live, you’ll find the security astounding. Every building has a guard, every street corner has a traffic aide, and every traffic light has local police.

You can even avoid the swathes of commuters on the main streets by passing through walkways and parks and occasionally stop to enjoy an artisan sandwich from one of the many coffee shops that line Makati’s towering office buildings. Click the link to see our offerings for condos for sale in Makati.

2. Pasig

Pasig is ideal for modern living, connecting highly urbanized cities to the north and south of the metro. Pasig is rising fast as a progressive city, so you’ll find the offices of numerous global or multinational companies here. It’s also home to residential communities composed of middle- to upper-class populations.

You can also traverse the eastern part of Rizal if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The mountainous side of Rodriguez or Tanay, which is about an hour away from Pasig, offers solace for your body and mind.

3. Taguig

Taguig is Makati’s neighbor, with the EDSA thoroughfare separating the two business havens. But what sets it apart are the sprawling wide roads within the Bonifacio Global City, Taguig’s financial and lifestyle hotspot.

Urban planning is at the heart of Taguig. The malls don’t look like the typical ones in nearby cities, surrounded by rivers and sustainable developments that make you feel more in touch with nature. Whatever you may need is just a stone’s throw from the entrance of your condo. Check out our BGC condos for sale!

4. Manila

The city capital of the country, Manila, is where you’ll find high-profile business establishments. Manila boasts skyscraper condominiums and luxury hotels and casinos, so expect it to grow even more, with the potential to equal Makati and BGC in a few years.

Manila has a rich history, as you can see in its Spanish-reminiscent towns. Last but not least, it’s the perfect spot to catch the famous Manila Bay sunrise or sunset. So if you’re looking to settle here, be sure to include a condo with a view of the bay before taking up a job offer. Click the link to check out our condo for sale in Manila!

5. Quezon City

Quezon City is the capital of government offices. If you’re a young lawyer, you may find Quezon City a good start for your career and lifestyle. It’s also home to the University of the Philippines, the country’s premier educational institution. 
Beyond that, Quezon City is a nature haven, with several eco-parks and zoological gardens. As an urban hub, you’ll come across streets filled with fusion restaurants and coffee shops that offer open spaces for young Filipino professionals who need to unwind from their busy schedules. Reinvest in this city’s potential and check out our condo units for sale in Quezon City.

6. Cebu City

In the Visayas area, Cebu City offers a solid urban landscape and unforgettable tourist destinations. The city’s strong growth in both segments makes it a much-favored place to live among expats, not to mention that astounding beaches surround the province island.

Cebu’s cultural and religious legacies are also nothing short of par excellence, with its food culture and historical sites leaving a mark in the global scene. Take a look at our condos for sale in Cebu, the Queen City of the South. 

Choose Where You Live

As you navigate the different crossroads of your career, think of condo ownership as something that can enhance your life. Living as near as you can to where you work, having all the amenities so close by, and meeting like-minded people—all these are essential to bringing about constant improvement in you.

Ultimately, the best place to live in these modern times is a condo in the city that fits your lifestyle, personality, and priorities. Check out the quality condos in prime spots in the Philippines at Federal Land, the leading real estate company in the Philippines

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