February 9, 2022

BEST OF BOTH (REAL ESTATE) WORLDS: Federal Land and Nomura Real Estate Development form new formidable company

Joint venture expected to build milestone developments that combine Filipino sensibility and Japanese efficiency
As the world gradually recovers from the downturn caused by the health pandemic, new opportunities for growth, partnerships, and expansions are opening up for businesses that have not only survived these past two years, but have thrived by being crisis-ready and forward-looking.
One of the bright spots in the Philippine economy is how the real estate industry was able to navigate—and survive—the crisis. Filipinos have realized the importance of homes and the advantages of purchasing one from a credible developer.
Speaking of credibility in the real estate industry, the name Federal Land, Inc. towers above all. For 50 years, Federal Land continues to create innovative and well-built property developments such as residential homes, commercial and retail spaces, modern office buildings, world-class hotels, and integrated communities.
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A Partnership of Equals
Bringing the Best Practices
Enhancing Investor Confidence

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