August 20, 2021

Paint Colors for Every Area of Your Condo, According to Science

paint colors of condo

Picking the best paint color for your house goes beyond choosing among your favorite colors or basing it on whatever mood you’re in at the moment. In fact, it’s the color of your home that should influence your mood—so choosing the right one means finding the color that will make you feel good every day.
Careful consideration is vital when finding the right colors for your home. There’s even a science to it—a color psychology that determines how people’s emotions and behavior are influenced.
So, if you’re planning to renovate or redecorate your home, it’s time to take advantage of color psychology. Since most condos for sale in the Philippines come in standard, uniform colors, what better time to experiment on new ones? This article will provide you with the best colors to incorporate and experiment on for the different areas of your condo and achieve the ideal ambiance any time of the day.

The Best Colors for the Different Areas of Your Condo

  • Living Area

Since the living room is the area that greets you and your guests, make sure your chosen color reflects the mood and aesthetic you want. Most likely, you’d want your living area to feel cozy and inviting for friends and family. Warm tones like reds, yellows, oranges, rust, and earth tones such as brown and beige work great since they can stimulate connection, conversation, and of course, warmth.
Gray-beige, in particular, diffuses light at sunrise or sunset well while still adding warmth at other times of the day. Meanwhile, a pale pink color looks warm and inviting all day long, regardless of how much natural light is present. If you want to bring in the feeling of sun-drenched warmth, go for burnt orange paint such as terracotta. This creates a bolder backdrop for building up layers of interest with your accent furniture.
If you want to emphasize your non-white furniture, accent pieces, fabric, and accessories instead, you can never go wrong with a brilliant white. This color still provides all the light and energy while directing attention anywhere else you want it to.

  • Dining Area

The dining area is an essential space where people gather to eat, so it should feel inviting while still appealing to your style. Warm neutrals such as white, taupe, and brown tones pair beautifully with plants and wooden accents, common features in Filipino dining spaces.
However, if you want the dining area to serve as a nice visual break from the other rooms in your condo, why not opt for some color? For instance, red can encourage social interaction and stimulate appetite. You don’t need to pick bright reds; instead, go for maroons or wine red to create an elegant dining atmosphere.
Alternatively, consider yellow to promote happiness for a better eating experience. Go for muted yellow walls for a more spacious effect, adding white highlights and fresh flowers to bring in the sense of the outdoors.

  • Kitchen

A kitchen has many elements—from cabinets and countertops to appliances, silverware, and the eclectic Filipino pantry. Thus, choosing the right color depends on complementing it with these elements.
Light grays, for example, make white cabinets stand out, and even when paired with darker cabinetry, it won’t make the rest of the kitchen feel oppressive or heavy. Meanwhile, white paint with warm undertones is ideal for natural wood shelving and rose, copper, or gold metallic accents.
If you’re aiming for warmth or coziness that’s perfect for cooking, beige and cream colors give off a homey feeling with a touch of sophistication that also complements white dinnerware.
However, just like your dining area, kitchens can also benefit from reds and yellows. Light blue works well with whites, creams, dark or light woods, and dark kitchen hardware finishes. It even transforms throughout the day, turning into a warm greenish-gray on a cloudy day or a cool gray color when it’s dark outside.

  • Bedroom

Bedrooms are spaces of peace, privacy, and personality. They are personal spaces to relax and unwind in. This is why one of the most recommended bedroom colors is blue since it’s known for its calming effect. Dusky blues are great for white furniture and white trim, while a blue shade darker than pastel will help set off creamy tones.
You can also explore other cool colors for the same calming result. Gray is a soft, neutral, yet warm color that can bring attention to your furniture, paintings, and décor. Lavender adds a bit more character while still creating a stress-free environment. Pastel greens pair well with wood elements and floral prints.
The best part about bedrooms is that they’re personal spaces, so you can use colors that suit your preferences—even bold ones. To use them without sacrificing the sense of calm, try painting an area that will serve as a “feature wall.” For instance, you can paint a wall black to add texture to your space. You can also use yellows and oranges to add a sunny splash and make your room look more spacious.
Again, don’t forget white. It’s fresh and invigorating at any time of day. Small bedrooms benefit significantly from white walls since the color bounces light better than other shades and illuminates dark corners that light sources won’t reach.

  • Bathroom

Whether it’s shared or en suite, a good rule of thumb when picking colors for your bathroom is to go for what is flattering to you. After all, anyone would want to look great in the bathroom mirror, so don’t use a color you would never wear.
Whites and warm colors are highly recommended since they signify cleanliness and purity. Since bathrooms are also spaces for relaxation and rejuvenation, light blues and greens can also be used for a sense of freshness and calm.
Other choices include taupe, a gorgeous brown-gray shade that’s neutral and classic but with a modern twist. A brown-heavy taupe makes an earthy look, while a grayer version is moodier and more modern. A soft, light gray brings in the cooling colors of granite and concrete while still giving a soothing effect. Mix in dark wood elements or colored accent pieces to warm things up and balance the cool tones.

Keep Exploring, Keep Your Feel-Good Space 

Often, picking colors is a straightforward process. It can simply boil down to favorites or whatever mood you’re in. However, choosing the right colors for your home is more than a matter of aesthetics. Since color can influence your mood, putting in the time and effort to study and experiment on various colors will pay off in achieving your desired ambiance.
With the pandemic forcing everyone to stay indoors, you have to find colors that will make you feel good despite what’s happening. That way, when things go back to normal, you can share that favorable feeling with your friends and family as they visit your newly-painted home.
Your well-thought-out color strategy deserves a well-built canvas. If you’re looking for the perfect home to apply the color tips you’ve learned today, consider exploring the quality condos developed by Federal Land located in prime spots in the Philippines.

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