May 24, 2014

Blue Bay Walk brings power to artisan food

Blue Bay Walk in the bay area CBD of Pasay City is fast evolving into a lifestyle attraction famous for bringing together local and international pace-setters in retail and dining. People living, working, and spending leisure time in the area will find a different experience from the typical mall because the developer, Federal Land, Inc., will combine in one venue the spaciousness of an open-air promenade with the most current bistros and boutiques for every craving and occasion.
One establishment that is drawing repeat customers to the district is Project Pie, a restaurant that brings power to the pizza lover.
“As a new brand we didn’t have brand equity so it was very important for us to go into a location that has a lot of visibility. We needed prominence, we needed visibility,” says Cito Martelino, general manager of Project Pie Philippines. “And then we also look at the layout. This is, I think, one of our best laid-out stores.”
The restaurant’s brand of fun is in full display at the Blue Bay Walk branch because the configuration of the space allows the diner an unobstructed view of the entire store’s creative concept. Every detail of the space is wittily thought out: from the stylish minimalist tables and chairs, to the high ceilings installed with what Cito calls Edison bulbs: filament showing through the casing, casting a beautiful glow especially at night — a wink of sorts to one of mankind’s creative geniuses. The Philippine team achieved the progress-in-pizza ambiance of the US outlets, “from the liner, the plates, the dressing, the menu, the tables, the lights — para kang pumasok sa America (the experience is similar to entering its American store).”
While choice is often promised but rarely delivered in the restaurant business, the dining place accomplishes this with only two main food offerings – pizza and salad. In an upscale fashion, it resonates with the casual spontaneity of the turo-turo culture of Filipinos – you point to your preferred toppings as you move across the order counter. Where in the country can you get a mid-sized pizza and choose from a selection of yummy topping choices (say, a combination of grilled chicken, gorgonzola, mozzarella, cilantro, sliced red onions) or with everything on it if you don’t mind piling a lot of flavors on your pre-heated crust that’s been slathered on one side with red sauce and on the other, barbecue sauce, for only P285 and ready in 2-5 minutes?
An up and coming scrumptious sweets and pastries store in Blue Bay Walk is the Pies and Tarts by Chef J. Tesoro.
For Chef Joel, Blue Bay Walk’s structure and upscale vibe won him over. The mall has a chic yet casual environment, the perfect spot for families wanting to unwind and bond, he says. Its extensive selection of cronuts, minitarts, cookie tarts and mini pies, combined with a relaxing atmosphere make Pies and Tarts by Chef J. Tesoro a wonderful spot for family and friends with sweet tooth.
With its relaxed setting overlooking the famed Manila Bay, a trip to Blue Bay Walk makes visitors forget the hustle and bustle of the city life.
“I’d like to invite people around the community, people who have tried our three different stores because Blue Bay Walk is a different experience,” Cito says. “Especially when the entire complex is fully operational, I think they’re going to have a good time here.”
Indulge in a spot of food and retail experience with Blue Bay Walk’s variety of shops such as Hot Star Large Fried Chicken, Manila’s Best Coffee, Paulina’s Mountain Bike, Flying Dutchman, Japanese Curry Bee, Food Club, Angel N Kiss, Conti’s Bakeshop and Restaurant, and many more. Blue Bay Walk is located at Metro Park, EDSA cor. Macapagal Boulevard, Pasay City.
For leasing inquiries, please call 857-9353, or visit its website at Like the official Facebook page – and follow us on Instagram- to get updates about the development.


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