January 8, 2015

Blue Bay Walk welcomes ‘third wave coffee’ with UCC Clockwork

“Third wave coffee” is a global movement that seeks to restore the pleasure of drinking coffee to its intimate, artisanal roots. In Manila, one of the epicenters of this advocacy is located right at Blue Bay Walk in Pasay City.
At the forefront of this revolution is the Philippine franchise of Japanese coffee brand UCC with its trailblazing concept store dubbed Clockwork.
The exciting new concept shop opens the door to a whole new level of connoisseurship by removing the usual frills that we have come to associate with coffee. Here, coffee is stripped down to its purest form and simplified until its intrinsic characteristics emanate.
While special blends and espressos are still ubiquitous items in the bar area, single-origin coffees take the center stage in this store. Near the main entrance, a plethora of beans sourced from a single farm in Guatemala, Brazil, Panama, Colombia to our very own Benguet, Davao and South Cotabato are showcased to lure the hard-core coffee drinkers or the adventurous diners to experience what a real third wave coffee is all about.
UCC CEO and chairman Hubert U. Young explains that UCC Clockwork represents today’s coffee generation. “Folks are now approaching coffee in a deeper way, and are more involved on ways how their coffee is being served to them,” he noted.
He adds, “These are the people who outgrew the tastes of the ‘second wave’ coffee drinkers.” The second wave refers to the proliferation of coffee shops that offer mainstream, menu-based concoctions.
UCC Clockwork religiously follows third wave imperatives such as light roasting—as opposed to incinerating the beans—to bring out its unique properties. That’s because a genuinely excellent bean needs only lighter roast to draw out its fine qualities.
The movement also revives traditional methods of coffee preparation like vacuum coffee maker or siphon, and pour-over method. However, Young noted that regular UCC coffee shops were already one step ahead of the game by popularizing the syphon method—with a twist, using halogen lamps instead of flame burner—well before the trend hit.
Another distinctive aspect of the third wave movement is the importance of timing in yielding the perfect cup of brew. Thus, the name Clockwork, which is hinged on the premise that coffee preparation has to be precise. “We are exact. The ratio between coffee and water, and the timing involved whether it is pour-over, cold-drip, syphon or espresso have to be precise,” Young reasons.
The popular UCC fare is also available at this branch along with a handful of exclusive and new offerings, such as cold-press juices, unique entrees, sandwiches and desserts. If the customers think the store couldn’t get any more hip during the day, they should wait at night when UCC Clockwork begins serving flavored beers and cocktails at 9 PM onwards.
The addition of UCC Clockwork to the roster of trendy restaurants and shops at Blue Bay Walk reiterates its identity as the latest lifestyle hub by the bay in Pasay City. The customers of this authentic third-wave coffee shop reflect the profile of the Blue Bay Walk patrons—people with a keen sense of style, and a taste for fun and the good life.
Beside UCC Clockwork is Yamato Bakery Café, a haven of yummy breads and pastries that are popular in Japan. It also serves a small selection of sodas, juices and coffee. Also along the row is ramen house Mitsuyado Seimen, known for its unforgettable interiors depicting a small Japanese village. Its unique take ramen, served deconstructed style, highlights the freshness of its noodles.
Blue Bay Walk is also home to other restos such as Project Pie, Angel n Kiss, Conti’s, Outback and The Food Club, as well as shops like Nail Cocktails, Jesi Mendez, Flying Dutchman, Switch, Grind, Payless and Superga. Patrons can look forward to even more choices opening soon, such as Crisostomo’s, Manila’s Best Coffee and My Deli Spa.
The upscale, open-air design of Blue Bay Walk is reminiscent of stylish outdoor lifestyle centers in the United States. Its modern chic design not only give a sophisticated vibe but also affords the visitors to experience the spectacular Manila Bay sunset while jogging, strolling or dining al fresco in one of the restaurants in the complex.
To know more about Blue Bay Walk and its exciting offerings, call 857.5577 or visit www.bluebaywalk.com.ph. Follow their Facebook account – Blue Bay Walk; and Twitter and Instagram accounts – @bluebaywalk

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