October 6, 2010

Condo Talk: The Five Fortunes of Binondo

Condominium owners and tenants opt to live with a minimalist lifestyle for a variety of reasons. Most condominiums are located in high traffic areas where accessibility is the top priority. Basically, condo owners want an easy life. But the needs of condominium residents vary depending on their location. For instance, factors to consider when living in Makati might not be the same to those who live in Manila. Therefore, developers should note not just the location of the project but also the specific wants of the residents and soon-to-be owners of a property in the area.
Binondo has become a favorite site for some developers because of the potential growth of trade and industry in the area. Now you might think “Why would I buy a property in a high-traffic area?” For people who are more into leisure and fun, maybe not. But for people whose business is close to or actually in Binondo, would most likely consider getting a place in that area. As their mindset goes, “high-traffic area is where the business is”.
Manila is known for nesting different kinds of businesses- from food to textile; electronics to novelty items and probably all kinds of merchandise. Binondo and Quiapo have become a favorite spot for shoppers who would want to make the most out of their money, especially during holidays. By the month of October until December, these areas would be as packed as you could ever imagine.
Having mentioned all these, one of the newest developments to look out for is the Riverview Mansion. This 39-storey project sits in the heart of Binondo. Located in the quieter side of Escolta, it is surely to give you access to different establishments in the area, while still giving you a peaceful place to reside in the midst of the bustling city noise. Why is Riverview Mansion an ideal place for people who are looking for a place to settle in, especially in Binondo area? Here are some things to consider.
LOCATION. Location is everybody’s main concern. Proximity to establishments like malls, schools, hospitals, churches, business districts and other places of interest is an advantage. Not to mention the area’s accessibility to all modes of transportation. It’s like being in the center of the hustle and bustle of the metro yet its accessibility gives you a convenience like no other.
PROFESSIONAL MANAGEMENT. Having a decent condominium is not enough. We cannot deny the fact that sooner or later, it will show signs of wear and tear. But being in a professionally managed building would ensure you that you are investing in the right place. It feels good that what you’re investing on is something that appreciates and not depreciates in time. This is what you call value for money.
AMENITIES. Same as convenience stores, having quality amenities is like having a one-stop-shop condominium. No need to pay expensive gym memberships, nor pay and take your kids to a play area when you’re gone. No need to drive somewhere else to jog or go someplace serene to meditate. When you live in a condominium with quality amenities, all of these are just within your reach.
DEVELOPER. Everybody can make promises, but anybody can fall short upon expectations. The developer plays a very significant role in choosing a condominium. They must have an excellent track record and a history of satisfied customers. Having established trust and confidence with their clients is very important as well as pre and post sales services.
TURNOVER / DELIVERY DATE. The projects’ turnover or delivery dates is the developers’ commitment to its clients. Meeting the delivery dates on time is a sign of a stable and well-established company. Delivery dates can sometimes be the selling point of a project, and having monitored this closely, you wouldn’t leave your clients unhappy and dissatisfied.
Federal Land of the Metrobank Group, being one of the leading developers in the country, is ready to introduce their latest development in town that would definitely suit your utmost needs- The Riverview Mansion.
People from different places have diverse needs and wants. And before getting a condo, not because it is near the mall or near clubs doesn’t mean it’s the idyllic place for you. You have to take into consideration your lifestyle, your business, your family, your environment and your demands before buying one. As for the business-minded individual and family-oriented person in Binondo, Riverview Mansion is the place to build and fulfill your dreams.
The RIVERVIEW MANSION is strategically located in the heart of Binondo Manila where business and commerce commenced in the early years. It is situated just along Muelle del Banco Nacional where you get an unobstructed view of the Pasig River. Its rich history makes it even more unique aside from being in the midst of the city’s trade and industry.
Their showroom is available for viewing from Mondays till Saturdays, 8:00 AM till 6:00 PM. Showroom is located at the 3rd floor of Tytana Plaza cor Dona Tytana street, Plaza Lorenzo Ruiz, Binondo Manila. For further inquiries, please call 242-6422 or 242-6671.

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