March 14, 2019

Damping technology in Federal Land’s project

Left to right: Keisuke Sugihara, general manager of PNS Advanced Steel Technology Inc.; Raul Manlapig, managing director of Ove Arup & Partners Hong Kong Ltd.; Cathy Ko, executive vice president of Federal Land Inc.; Yasuhiro Ohira, Residential Development Division manager of Nomura Real Estate Development Co. Ltd.; and Cherie Fernandez, Project Development Group head of Federal Land Inc.
As a country located in the Pacific Ring of Fire, seismic and volcanic activity in the Philippines are frequent. Luckily though, these earthquakes are more often than not, short and weak. Most people are completely unaware that one happened up until when they read the news. In fact, only three significant quakes were felt by Metro Manila in more than 10 years. This long interval, coupled with the recent 6.1 magnitude and the two smaller ones that followed in quick succession, suggests the frightening possibility that the “Big One” is soon to follow. The question then is, are we sufficiently prepared when it does happen? Are we fully equipped to handle the Big One?
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