May 21, 2022

Discover a new side of Binondo with Four Season Riviera


There’s always a feeling of excitement every time one crosses those vibrant arches that signal one’s entrance into Manila’s Chinatown.
Perhaps, it’s because many of us have associated our Binondo visits with mouthwatering delights, from steaming baskets of hakaw and siomai to heaping plates of pancit and hopia in its wide assortment of flavors. Those on the hunt for novelty gift items or trendy clothing may find Binondo to be the ultimate bargain shopping mecca, while others may marvel at its rich cultural and historical heritage, evident in its beautiful Art Deco architecture, Spanish churches and Buddhist temples.
The world’s oldest Chinatown generates a different kind of charm and energy which, along with its sense of community, proximity to key facilities, and access to affordable commodities make it a viable address for a home.
Whether you’re starting a family or a retiree, an entrepreneur launching your own business, an investor looking for a home in the country’s capital, Binondo offers a lot of reasons why it is the fitting location for your next home.
The lucky side of Binondo
Nestled at the heart of Binondo is Four Season Riviera, a four-tower residential development that promises plenty of room to grow your life, dreams and family. A signature project by Federal Land, it is designed to bring happiness, wellness, and good luck to its residents with its exclusive and generous living spaces, state-of-the-art amenities, high-level security and, of course, a Manila address seen to bring good opportunities.
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