December 19, 2021

Experience true Japanese ingenuity at The Grand Midori Ortigas

The amenities at The Grand Midori Ortigas are designed to create tranquil and serene spaces for relaxation.
It is no secret that Japan is one of my favorite travel destinations.
Whether it’s for a work-related trip or for a vacation with family and friends and whether it’s a stay in the uber-dynamic Tokyo, nostalgic Kyoto or serene Hokkaido, I always welcomed the chance to visit The Land of the Rising Sun. And I know that quite a lot of you feel the same. There’s just something about this country, its culture and everything else Japanese that seems to captivate and charm us.
I truly miss admiring the iconic landmarks in Japan. Two of my top favorites are Kinkakuji Temple and Himeji Castle. Also known as the Golden Pavilion, Kinkakuji is a Zen temple in northern Kyoto that has been the city’s symbol for hundreds of years.
Himeji Castle, meanwhile, has earned the distinction of being a Unesco World Heritage site. Located in Hyogo Prefecture, it is known as White Heron Castle for its elegant and white appearance. The castle is highly praised for its design and construction method.
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