August 22, 2022

Federal Land at 50: Built to inspire, endure

Federal Land Inc. is one of the country’s biggest property developers, growing from a home builder to one that has built—and continues to do so—living spaces, retail establishments and communities that help Filipinos live their best life.
Thus, it is a company that has transformed the Philippine real estate landscape through timeless and unique developments.
Part of Dr. George S.K. Ty’s conglomerate GT Capital Holdings, Inc., one of the biggest business groups in the Philippines, Federal Land was founded by the late Ty, one of the country’s biggest visionary tycoons, 50 years ago.
Today, it is now under the able leadership of his son, Chairman Alfred V. Ty.
Fifty years on, Federal Land is certainly in a league of its own because the company is so much more than just a builder.
Love for Architecture
“Our late founder, Dr. George S.K. Ty’s love for architecture has molded the company to expand its portfolio into delivering large-scale and quality developments,” Chairman Ty said.
Indeed, the story of Federal Land traces its roots to Dr. George Ty’s love for architecture and bold vision of creating a lasting legacy.
Fascinated indeed, by the magic of architecture as a means to address the shortage problem in housing, Dr. Ty took subjects on it back during his university days although he did not become a full-fledged architect.
Still, he never lost his love and a keen interest in the field and this showed in his companies—he was a hands-on tycoon not just in running his conglomerate but in designing some of the branches of banking giant Metropolitan Bank and Trust Co., and later on to every edifice and structure built by the Ty Group during his time. He was involved in the planning and how each space was used—taking into consideration form and function; elegance and efficiency, and interest and innovation.
The testaments to this passion and love for architecture still stand. One will see it in the towering buildings and the different structures owned by GT Capital Holdings—from banks to homes.
Indeed, from designing bank branches, Dr. Ty moved on to sketching homes. He had a keen eye for good locations, and saw the potential of areas to redefine a certain landscape.
The Seeds of Federal Land
It was this which sowed the mighty seeds of the property development arm, Federal Land Inc.
Founded in 1972 as Federal Homes, Federal Land’s first completed projects became Manila’s first high-rise office and residential towers—Soler Tower, Tytana Plaza and Mandarin Mansion—built in Binondo, Manila, home of the Filipino-Chinese community and the financial district of colonial Manila. At the same time, Federal Homes built townhouses along Roxas Blvd. and United Nations Ave. with the Midtown Executive Townhomes built on the land where the house of Dr. Ty’s parents used to stand.
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