May 6, 2019

Federal Land Integrates Earthquake Technology in BGC Development

To ensure the comfort and safety of its residents, Federal Land Inc. incorporated a sophisticated damper system to withstand earthquakes in its Japanese-inspired condominium complex The Seasons Residences in North Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.
Developed by Nippon Steel Engineering Group, Viscoelastic Coupler Damping (VCD) System is an economic high-performing damping system optimized for reinforced concrete buildings. VCD absorbs vibrations caused by earthquakes as well as strong winds during typhoons, making the structure steadier and safer.
Federal Land Executive Vice President for Business Management Catherine Ko said in a briefing last April 27, 2019, shared that their decision to use VCD adds value to their new development, The Seasons Residences. The first tower, Haru, is expected to open by 2023.
“Because we work with our Japanese partners and everybody knows that Japanese technology protects people [and] their buildings against natural disasters…we want to bring that to the Philippines through our building as well,” she said.
The Seasons Residences is a Federal Land mixed-used development in partnership with two of Japan’s top firms Nomura Real Estate Development and Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings Ltd. It channels the Japanese tradition of excellence, innovation, and style. The project will also feature the very first Mitsukoshi Mall in the Philippines to offer a uniquely Japanese mall experience.
Federal Land considered the fault systems of West and East Valley Faults, as well as the Philippine Fault System and Manila Trench when designing The Seasons Residences.
“You design the building in such a way that it will be able to resist that peak ground acceleration,” said Raul Manlapig, managing director of design and engineering firm Ove Arup & Partners Hong Kong Ltd.
Manlapig said that damping systems like VCD help dissipate an earthquake’s energy to minimize possible damage to a tall building. Occupants of high-rises built with damping technology will also not be as dizzy as those in buildings that do not have it.
Prior to The Seasons Residences project, Federal Land also incorporated VCD for the luxury hotel Grand Hyatt Manila.
VCD was also used in some of the tallest structures in Asia such as the Tokyo Skytree in Japan, Taipei 101 in Taiwan, Jing Mao Building in China, Cheung Kong Centre in Hong Kong, National Museum of Natural History’s Tree of Life in the Philippines; and the world’s longest suspension bridge Akashi Kaikyō Bridge in Japan.

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