February 28, 2019

Federal Land Sales Force Ignites 2019 with New Passions and Bold Commitments

Over 500 Federal Land, Inc. sales officers, broker partners, and management executives reveled in food, drinks, music, and dance in the Federal Land Annual Sales Rally last January 13, 2019 at Metrotent Convention Center in Pasig.
Aptly titled, “Ignite 2019,” the annual sales rally featured fiery performances, daring pledges, exciting bonuses, and a sizzling dance floor to spark new life and interest to the new sales year. The event also recognized the top sellers or the crème de la crème of the FLI Sales Force for their ardent support and dedication. Another highlight of the night are the bold commitments made by the sales teams and generous rewards promised by the executives, certain to excite agents to act for 2019.
Gracing the event are the executives of the Federal Land: President, Mr. Pascual M. Garcia, III; General Manager, Mr. Thomas F. Mirasol; Executive Vice President for Business Management, Ms. Catherine C. Ko; Senior Vice President and Head of Sales and Marketing, Mr. John Frederick C. Cabato; Chief Financial Officer, Ms. Jennifer M. Umali; Senior Vice President & Head of General Services, Ms. Margarita M. Reyes; Senior Vice President for Project Development, Ms. Cherie B. Fernandez; Product Planning Department Head, Mr. Mike G. Salazar; Corporate & Digital Marketing Head, Ms. Chary B. Francisco; Sales Talent Acquisition & Retention Team and Broker Sales Group Head, Ms. Jennifer D. Rosales; and Head of Horizon Land Sales Group, Ms. Dinah C. Hernandez.
It was a fitting celebration that is sure to ignite passions and rally the Federal Land Sales Force to reach their goals this 2019.

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