May 21, 2021


Technology plays a huge role in how we’ve been doing things since the pandemic started.
This has also benefited customers who can now access goods and services just through their smartphones. While it may have taken some buyers and sellers awhile to get used to incorporating technology into their transactions, particularly through an online channel, various markets have now become more attuned to going digital. This is a trend that is currently present in the Philippine real estate market, according to property listing portal, Lamudi Philippines.
“Both property seekers and sellers are definitely better adjusted to virtual experiences from last year, and are increasingly open to new ideas and concepts,” Lamudi Philippines tells Property Report PH.
“We have seen developers get more creative and innovative in terms of how they’ve launched, showcased and safely managed their projects—from virtual groundbreaking events to integrating online property management services,” it added.
But going digital in the property market is a concept that is no longer exclusive to the younger generations.
Gen X and Baby boomers have also adjusted digitally, Lamudi said. “As property seekers from these age segments are more at risk during the pandemic, living safely, comfortably, and digitally connected from within their homes has never been more important,” it said.
“Their growing presence online is a positive trend and given that they’re in the prime time of their lives to be thinking about investments, we’re hoping to provide a user­ friendly property search experience for them.”
Riding on the digital bandwagon, Lamudi Philippines launched its first online housing fair to help bring people closer to finding their dream property, even from the comforts of their home.
“Given the constraints posed by the pandemic, our team has been working hard to create a safe and hassle­free experience for real estate seekers. We found that the best way to do this was to hold our housing fair online this year,” Lamudi said.
Lamudi has been organizing housing fairs in various cities across the country since 2016 but this is the first time that the housing fair, which will run until
May 31, is being conducted on an online platform.
“Aligned with our goals to create transparency, build trust and promote professionalism in the buying, selling, and renting experience, we’re aiming to make special deals and educational resources more accessible to all seekers in the Philippines and even those located overseas,” Lamudi said.

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