March 7, 2021

How the pandemic changed what we look for in a home

By this time, many have already adjusted to the restrictions imposed due to the pandemic. And while vaccines are starting to become available, it seems many will also likely stick to their new preferences, including in their home choices while keeping in mind the lessons learned while under quarantine.
New requirements.
For homebuyers, most of the “nice¬to¬haves” are now considered “essentials.” These include more space for work, school, exercise, and even to enjoy some fresh air, as well as features and designs that bring peace, comfort, safety and security. Convenience—or easy access to essential goods and services—also become more crucial. This is why condominiums have become the go¬to choice for future homeowners: enough space to move around, an extensive suite of amenities and facilities, and a strategic location that places residents close to everything they need.
Ready to move in
But make sure to choose a condo by a reliable developer. You can opt for a ready¬-for-occupancy (RFO) unit, so you can personally inspect your new home before signing the check.
“RFO properties address Filipinos’ need to move into safer, integrated homes as soon as possible, so they can start their new life immediately,” said Federal Land Inc. sales group head Margarita Saenz¬Resurreccion. “In our quest to provide every Filipino with a better home, we offer these RFO units built with the same quality as every residential project we develop— safe, secure and efficiently designed for every Filipino.”

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