March 06, 2021

Japanese ingenuity, craftmanship go in season


There has always been a deep reverence for Japanese design and architecture globally.
This comes as no surprise as many admire that profound fusion of cutting edge technology and innovation with time-¬honored Japanese design principles and rich historical culture; as well as that seamless mix of tradition and nature with futuristic designs and modern aesthetics fit for the contemporary times. Japanese design and architecture, after all, is where functionality meets aesthetics, and tradition meets the future. Japanese design finds beauty in simplicity, functionality and honesty. There is a strong reverence for nature. But also there is a strong focus on function and experimentation. This allows Japanese architecture to evolve and suit the changing times and lifestyle,” explained Masakazu Kimura, head of global design at Nikken Sekkei.
“In Japan, architecture was meant to work with, not against nature. Japanese architecture is designed to be continuous and synergistic with the outdoors. Rather than being separated from nature you are immersed in it,” Kimura added.