August 12, 2021

Live the Japanese way in Ortigas

“Midori means green—the color of fresh shoots, new leaves, or young plants. It also connotes beauty and creativity, which describes our residential condominium project in Ortigas perfectly. What we are providing here is a peaceful community with relaxing spaces that our residents can enjoy even against a backdrop of an urbanized area,” said Cherie Fernandez, project development group head of Federal Land Inc.
During uncertain times like this, what else would homebuyers prioritize in a condominium than safety and a Zen-like experience to calm one’s mind every single day?
Federal Land’s partner, Japanese architectural firm Tange Associates, is known for staying true to its heritage and the principles of Zen: simplicity, depth, and functionality.
The Grand Midori Ortigas commits to its vision of creating “a premium Zen living amidst the bustling Ortigas Central Business District.”
The firm creates personalized spaces that meet the customers’ needs for recovery and healing—and these are what future residents can expect from The Grand Midori in Ortigas, which exhibits the “height of Zen living” in the heart of Ortigas Central Business District (CBD).
“The Japanese have a distinctive style of form, shape, and tradition, carried down through the ages,” chairman Paul Tange describes the design philosophy. He is the son of the late 1987 Pritzker awardee, Kenzo Tange, who founded the firm.
Tange Associates balances old and new, as well as function and aesthetics in its design.
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