July 28, 2022

Met Live, the next retail destination


Federal Land Inc. is continuously developing its master-planned community Metro Park to offer a good mix of residential, office and commercial spaces, which are popular among city dwellers who want their basic needs all in one place.
As commercial centers across the metro continue to gear up for revenge dining and shopping due to eased mobility restrictions, Federal Land is introducing more retail and recreation choices with its lifestyle hub, Met Live.
Met Live is a shopping mall located at the corner of Macapagal avenue and EDSA in the integrated community of Metro Park in the Manila Bay Area, Pasay City.
“Met Live is Federal Land’s latest retail destination in the Manila Bay Area. With a sustained resumption of social and economic activities, we welcome people here, as we provide them with a unique and vibrant experience in the middle of the bustling bay city,” said Mylene del Rosario, Federal Land Commercial Development head.
Met Live offers a wide selection of retail spaces perfect for dining outlets, coffee shops, banks, and other specialty stores. Authentic Thai restaurant Mor Thai is among the top restaurants in the area. Known for its flavorful traditional Thai dishes, Mor Thai recently received the Thai SELECT Classic Award from the Office of Commercial Affairs Royal Thai Embassy in Manila for exemplifying “excellent quality.” Thai SELECT is a mark of certification awarded by the Ministry of Commerce, the Royal Thai Government to guarantee the authenticity of Thai food products and restaurants in Thailand and overseas.
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