May 31, 2018

NEWS | Building family-safe condos


Horizon Land, a subsidiary of real estate developer, Federal Land, Inc. (FLI) continues to be committed to developing secure and family-friendly communities in the Philippines. FLI President Pascual Garcia points out that home buyers’ decision to raise their families in a condo is usually influenced by three important factors that enable them to envision a happy and healthy life for their loved ones. These include social environments, social relationships, and safety and security. Horizon Land is the developer of Peninsula Garden Midtown Homes, an 8-tower residential garden community in Paco, Manila; Siena Towers, its latest development in Marikina – a 2-tower condominium along Marquinton Drive; and Palm Beach West, a 4-tower resort-inspired residential condominium development located within a master-planned community – Metro Park, in Bay Area, Pasay
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