March 31, 2021

One Wilson Square spells more than just luck for its residents

CHINESE zodiac horoscope forecasts that this year of the Ox is bound to be a rewarding time for Dragons—with projections of excellence in career, growth in wealth, and the opening of endless doors of opportunities. This auspicious outlook plays in favor of Federal Land’s upscale condominium, One Wilson Square.
Located in Greenhills or what Feng Shui experts call the belly of the dragon, One Wilson Square sits atop the spot of sustenance and nourishment, where people and wealth are in a great position to prosper, accumulate wealth and attract luck. Investments in the location are indeed favorable and One Wilson Square on its own rewards its residents with the good life they deserve.
A place that brings more than just luck
Strategically located at the corner of Ortigas and Wilson streets, One Wilson Square gives it unparalleled access to the country’s central business districts and prestigious schools, making it the perfect home for professionals and their families who are looking to flourish and achieve their full potential.
The high-rise condominium is also surrounded by commercial establishments like Greenhills Shopping Center and general hospitals, bolstering its crucial position by having essentials and a full lifestyle within arm’s reach. Wack Wack Golf & Country Club is even just a stone’s throw away, as well as renowned art galleries and restaurants of diverse cuisines—allowing for a life of culture and luxury.
One Wilson Square itself indulges its residents in a top-notch lifestyle with its wide array of amenities—pool, landscaped gardens, business center and game room, among many more. It boasts of providing the luxury of space, having up to 1- to 4-bedroom units with a generous living space ranging from 39 sq m up to 216 sq m. Each residential unit features expansive windows, as well as balconies to open up your living space and bring the outside in.
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