August 23, 2022

Real estate is a ‘solid investment’, here’s why

Owning a real estate remains as one of the top ‘solid’ investments of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs).
In the latest episode of TFT Usapang OFW, Tina Salvador, Corporate Sales Channel Head for Federal Land Inc. in Makati City along with The Filipino Times’ General Manager Vince Ang, discussed online eight of the many reasons why OFWs still consider it a wise decision to invest in properties in the Philippines.
“Importanteng ma-diversify ang funds kasi pag nakatago sa bangko, hindi siya lumalago. Unlike kapag ine-invest nila sa real estate mas malaki ang kanilang savings,” said Salvador.
Salvador shared that they have many great stories of OFWs who have gained high yields from owning real estate in the Philippines.
Vince Ang said that considering that real estate properties are tangible assets, it serves as a perfect option for OFWs to invest their hard earned savings.
“Pag-retire nila sa Pilipinas, may uuwian sila. ‘Pag real estate yung pinag-nvestan mo, nakikita mo yung pinaghirapan mo,” said Ang.
They discussed that the right age for starting up investing in property is as soon as one turns of legal age.
“If sila ay nasa legal age na meaning nasa 18 years old na and can provide, proof of billing, proof of income at iba pa, pwedeng-pwede na sila mag invest,” said Salvador.
Salvador also explained that starting as young as possible allows OFWs to enjoy their property earlier.
“Mas okay mas bata sila mag-invest mas maaga nilang ma-eenjoy ang kanilang bahay,” she said.
Ang encouraged viewers by saying, “habana malakas ka pa, mag-invest na.”
In her presentation, Salvador shared eight of the main factors why owning a property in prime locations in the Philippines is a ‘solid’ investment.
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