July 4, 2020

Resilient spaces for any ‘season’

It’s natural to feel unnerved, stressed and even disoriented at this time.
While the COVID-19 pandemic dealt a massive blow on all governments and economies globally, this unexpected curveball also threw everyone off course, changing lifestyles overnight, and drastically upending the way people live, work, learn, and even play. The crisis and quarantine have kept many on the edge, worrying about health, safety and financial security.
It thus comes as no surprise that scores of online resources about baking, gardening, meditation, even the Japanese Zen lifestyle, among many others, have surfaced these past few months. As this unprecedented crisis called for a certain sense of calmness, mindfulness and peace, many were encouraged to practice or live a Zen lifestyle, which is believed to do wonders for one’s well-being. It is said to help you relax, regain your composure and consequently, enable you to think clearly so you can better navigate through these uncertain times.
Fortunately, spaces are being built to help you achieve this kind of lifestyle.

The Seasons Residences offers spacious units with double glazed glass and operable windows.

Inspire, enable

Rising within Bonifacio Global City is The Seasons Residences—a seamless fusion of Japanese innovations and the sophisticated Filipino lifestyle that will no doubt inspire and even enable one to lead the much admired Japanese way to a “long and happy life.” And such would be a welcome respite indeed amid and beyond this COVID-19 pandemic.
The Seasons Residences is a mixed-use complex that will comprise of four upscale residential towers, exceptional amenities, and one of the most impressively designed malls to be built in the Philippines. It is being built by Sunshine Fort North Bonifacio Realty Development Corp., a joint venture between GT Capital group’s property arm Federal Land Inc. and Japanese firms Nomura Real Estate Development Co. Ltd. and Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings Ltd.

“Our partnership with Nomura Real Estate Development and Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings allowed us to create a harmonious balance between Japanese elements and Filipino-style living. This balance is reflected in the buildings’ architecture and design, as well as its amenities. Japanese technology and design principles were observed to convey the style, convenience and eco-friendliness of Japanese living. We are glad to be bringing all these technologies to Filipinos seeking an elevated way of life,” explained Cathy Casares-Ko, president of Sunshine Fort North Bonifacio Realty.

Residents can disinfect and store their footwear in the shoe cabinet located near the entrance of their units.

A restful sleep awaits at The Seasons Residences

Sound principles

Casares-Ko disclosed that even from its inception, The Seasons Residences was already designed with the safety and comfort of its future residents in mind—from its features, unit layouts, amenities, finishes and innovations. These same features, however, are proving to be well-suited to fight off the deadly COVID-19 virus and relevant in the new normal.
The current pandemic, she noted, served to validate that the planning principles and philosophy behind this landmark project were indeed sound. And thanks to these principles, The Seasons Residences goes beyond being responsive to the changing needs of the market amid this pandemic—it is also touted to be a future-proof, resilient development. How so?
For one, the joint venture collaborated with one of the world’s best architectural firms, Nikken Sekkei, whose global expertise is evident in The Seasons Residences’ features—all meant to “elevate the lifestyle of the residents and address the homeowner’s needs for convenience, safety and security, cleanliness and eco-friendliness.” The importance of these features are highlighted at a time when the home should be your safe haven from the pandemic.
Casares-Ko also pointed out that residents will get to revel in the convenience of having a mall within the complex—the first Mitsukoshi mall in the Philippines just one elevator ride away from your unit. Residents will have direct access to the supermarket at the basement through the shuttle elevators at Haru and Natsu, the first and second towers, respectively.

The wellness room and spa will help you unwind after a long day.

Spaces for the new normal

The Seasons Residences likewise features efficient storage solutions and extra spaces needed in the new normal. For instance, all units will have a shoe cabinet located near the entrance where residents can disinfect and store their footwear before entering their living areas. The three-bedroom units will feature a Genkan, a traditional Japanese entryway area that could double as a disinfecting area. All units will also come with a spacious built-in floor storage in the kitchen and floor-to-ceiling Japanese-style closets in the bedrooms.
Other features include provision for a desk in almost all bedrooms which can serve as your home office; double glazed e-glass that can reduce heat by 30 percent, as well as your need for airconditioning; operable windows to allow fresh air to circulate inside the unit; and air washing tiles to help reduce harmful substances and odor in the air.
The Seasons Residences further enables you to achieve your fitness and wellness goals as its amenity deck offers a wide expanse of open space, pocket gardens, outdoor lounges, jogging path, contemplation garden, where you can have some quiet time for yourself, perhaps to reflect, meditate, do yoga or jog. Indoor amenities such as the business center and meeting rooms will conveniently allow you to get more work done within the safe confines of The Seasons Residences while the wellness room and spa will help you unwind after a long day.
“Outside of the current pandemic, our project is also earthquake-ready because of our visco-elastic coupling damper system. So the short answer to the question is yes, The Seasons Residences remains relevant even in this new normal and our project addresses more than just this current pandemic,” Casares-Ko further said.
Indeed, when choosing a home, considerations should go beyond location. Now more than ever, you must look for a residence that will allow you to keep a calm mind, achieve a healthy body and revel in a vibrant, dynamic lifestyle well suited in this era of the new normal—just like what The Seasons Residences can offer you.
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