November 17, 2021

RFO: Bay Area’s smart investment offerings

Need a fresh start? If you have been looking for a new environment to live in, you are hardly alone. So many have made it a priority to switch residences, having acquired big learnings from the new normal.
To realize this emergent goal in the short term, one needs to act decisively and step into a new home. That demand couldn’t have come at a better time. While some seek options outside the capital thinking there is a dearth of dwellings within it, leading developer Federal Land Inc. delivers new condos in Metro Manila—all ready for occupancy (RFO)!
Quick turnaround
Immediately live an exciting cosmopolitan life. Naysayers will say you moved too sudden, but when contrasting preselling and RFO units, you actually stand to save precious bucks and get immediate returns from the latter because you won’t spend on rent. Especially in the current buyer’s market, you can take advantage of flexible payment terms and lease-to-own plans, too. In just weeks, you could be sitting pretty in your unit or renting it out!
That short turnaround time is possible because you won’t be buying into artists’ perspectives and blueprints but real-life homes. You get to assess the quality of the work, from the make and size of the condo to the features and amenities, even the possibilities for value appreciation and creditworthiness. Don’t like what you see? You may turn the offer down on the spot.
Move-in ready homes
Real estate developer Federal Land, Inc. executes well-built projects with a mastery not only of the structure but also of the needs and sensibilities of dwellers. It has been a top choice of the discerning because of its generous cuts, premium finishes, and functional features.
For instance, enjoy resort living by the bay at SixSenses Residences, and enjoy the enthralling life at the heart of the Manila Bay Area. Your amenities include a swimming pool, game room, and fitness center. Seeking the modern bay lifestyle? The Bay Garden Club and Residences is an exclusive three-tower residence with resort-inspired amenities such as a swimming pool, children’s playground, and function rooms. Horizon Land, a Federal Land subsidiary, also gives you Palm Beach Villas, a midrise condominium thoughtfully designed for individuals and families. It hosts secure, comfortable, and enriching abodes with access to a function room, gym, pools, and game room.
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