January 26, 2024

Federal Land’s Riverpark: Paving the path to a stronger Cavite community

The air was electric as guests—adult and children on bikes—awaited the opening of Federal Land’s first community attraction in their biggest neighborhood project in General Trias. When the bikers excitedly rode in amidst cheers, it was clear that Federal Land, a leading real estate developer, struck a chord and is on the path of building a new future for the Cavite community.

In today’s fast-paced world, where people often long for tranquility, Federal Land, Inc. is doing something special. They’re not just constructing buildings; they’re shaping a community that lives in harmony with nature. Riverpark, their carefully designed new city, offers a unique urban lifestyle and shows the company’s strong commitment to building lively and enduring communities. As a key player in this mission, Riverpark focuses on creating homes that are not only practical but also bring balance and fulfillment to people’s lives.

A Gateway to Nature and Lush Living

Federal Land inaugurates the year with the introduction of two significant additions to Riverpark, its expansive township in collaboration with the local government. First, the distinctive entry signage facing the Open Canal Interchange which is not just a visual landmark but also a gateway to a community prioritizing a life immersed in the beauty of nature. It signifies progress toward a transformative journey that will redefine the region’s economic trajectory.

Hon. Mayor Luis ‘Jon-Jon’ Ferrer IV expressed, “It is an honor for the city of General Trias to be the location of Federal Land’s largest community. This marks the start of a new chapter in our city’s story of progress. A chapter that speaks of growth, innovation, and prosperity.”

Seamlessly intertwined with this vision, Federal Land also opened its 1.8km bike trail, adding a real and shared activity for everyone to enjoy. With easy access from main roads, Riverpark Trails offer families a fun way to cycle and enjoy nature, all just 40 minutes away from Metro Manila via SLEX, MCX, or CAVITEX.

According to Stephen S. Comia, Federal Land Inc.’s Project Development Group Head, “This trail is designed for everyone—from casual riders to seasoned cyclists. Its gentle terrain makes it accessible for all ages – ensuring families can share the joy of cycling together. It is set against a backdrop of picturesque greens, and this family-friendly facility is more than just a route. It is an invitation to enjoy nature, and make lasting memories.”

The bike trail is part of a larger network of open spaces in Riverpark. The 600-hectare township is set to dedicate 70 hectares to parks and greenways. A Central Park will serve as a green highway that seamlessly connects the north and south ends of the development, as well as providing residents with plenty of space to unwind, congregate, and cultivate lasting connections. The park is planned to feature various trekking and jogging paths, lush Japanese gardens, and a bamboo forest reminiscent of the famed Arashiyama Bamboo Grove in Kyoto, Japan. Among the developments, Yume at Riverpark stands out as the embodiment of Japanese-inspired living within this visionary community. Developed by Federal Land NRE Global Inc. (FNG), Yume seamlessly integrates into Riverpark, offering 296 lots that fuse Filipino creativity with Japanese expertise.

Paving the Way for the Future

Looking ahead, Riverpark’s roadmap for the next 5-10 years includes the completion of the CALAX Cavite Segment, establishing the estate as a highly accessible next-gen city. The anticipation continues with the construction of SM City General Trias, promising convenience and retail excellence. However, these are just the initial steps, as Riverpark envisions the future introduction of an Adventure Park, a partner school, and a church, solidifying its commitment to a vibrant, purposeful living experience.

“Cavite is one of the growth corridors in the Calabarzon region. Fortunately, we were able to get this property, and the vision is really to give back to the community. Aside from doing the usual products, we want to generate more employment for the community. There’s so much potential with 600 hectares—it’s about mixed-used communities that have residential, commercial, office, and amenities.

From what you see now, after five-ten years it will look different, and the people are part of the vision,” said Comia.

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