July 11, 2020

Sea of tranquility in bustling Ortigas

Artist’s perspective of the jacuzzi

It is built to serve as your antidote to a stressful, challenging lifestyle amid the pandemic.
Rising along Exchange Road in Ortigas Center is one residential enclave that will allow you to find a sanctuary amid the exacting hustle of the urban jungle, a breathing space amid the dense clusters of buildings, and enough room to grow and nurture your passions. It will enable you to find respite and balance despite the chaos, and a silver lining amid the crisis.
That’s because The Grand Midori Ortigas, a two-tower residential condominium by Federal Land, takes inspiration from the famed Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi, which “focuses on the discovery of beauty in imperfection” and miyabi, an expression of elegance and refinement.
Wabi-sabi, particularly in design and architecture, is said to embrace authenticity, simplicity, transience and natural imperfections, thus allowing a space to exude a warm, cozy and welcoming feel. A space that exemplifies wabi-sabi is touted to be a tranquil sanctuary where you can relax, unwind, be yourself and truly feel at home.
Japanese architectural firm Tange Associates has brought to life these centuries-old concepts and philosophies through specific design elements that seamlessly fuse Japanese aesthetics, modern technology and innovation in The Grand Midori Ortigas’ architecture.

Artist’s perspective of the drop off area


Understated elegance and functionality define the overall design of The Grand Midori Ortigas—from its shape, orientation to the patterns and colors used for the façade and interiors.
More specifically, this latest residential enclave takes an inverted U-shape wherein the outdoor amenity is located at the center of the building’s podium floor, thus allowing for a symmetrical view. The building’s façade was designed with horizontal and vertical louvres to control direct sunlight from passing through the unit—hence, the weave patterns. Colors used for the exteriors were carefully selected, using bright and pale colors to minimize heat from sunlight.

Meanwhile, the entrance hall itself combines the Japanese concepts of dignity and tradition. The expansive hallway was designed with shoji screens to maintain the Japanese design elements.
Artist’s perspective of the Zen garden

Artist’s perspective of the Yoga room


Artist’s perspective of the Zen garden


Its expansive 3,402 sqm amenity deck further reflects the wabi-sabi and miyabi concepts given its elegant, yet simple functional design. Here, residents get to benefit from recreational spaces, both indoors and outdoors, which offer a myriad of activities that can surely do wonders for one’s health and wellness.
For instance, indoor amenities include lounge area, fitness area, yoga room, game room, study lounge, conference room, children’s room and a multipurpose room, while the outdoor features are geared towards the more active ones as it holds the jacuzzi, lap pool, open lawn, kiddie pool, pool lounge, children’s play area as well as a landscaped area.
Worth noting here is the fact that 1,478 sqm of the amenity floor have been dedicated for landscaped gardens alone. This is on top of the indoor and outdoor pocket gardens as well as the open areas located on the ground floor and the roof deck of both towers. These green and lush open spaces further allow one to commune with nature even while living in the heart of a bustling central business district. Alternatively, these functional and recreational spaces are also welcome—and needed—in this era of social distancing.

Artist’s perspective of the living room in a two-bedroom unit

Respite amid the bustle

But what do all these mean for the future residents of The Grand Midori Ortigas?
In today’s era when uncertainties, bleak outlooks and difficulties brought about by the current pandemic are starting to take a toll on one’s overall health and well-being, The Grand Midori Ortigas offers that much needed tranquil, calming sanctuary—a respite where open spaces and lush gardens offer a much needed breathing space in the urban jungle.
It also brings many back to the basics, enabling residents to revel in the simplicity of life in the warmth and comfort of their units—whether it’s a studio, a one-bedroom or two-bedroom unit—amid the current chaos that await as soon as one steps out of the house. At the same time, however, The Grand Midori still allows you to remain close to modern conveniences as its location gives you proximity to premium offices, large-scale commercial malls, hospitals, educational institutions and other essential establishments.

Simply put, you get to enjoy the best of both worlds in The Grand Midori Ortigas.

Artist’s perspective of the master bedroom in a one-bedroom unit
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