May 26, 2020

The 10 Commandments of A Good Neighbor

The 10 Commandments of A Good Neighbor
Condominiums have long since redefined what it means to be a good neighbor. When only a wall separates you from your neighbors, getting along makes life easier for everyone and keeps the community energy flowing harmoniously.
Here are 10 commandments to become the best neighbor ever.

    1. Thou shalt be friendly
      Greet your neighbors when you run into them in the hallways or elevator.  Smile. Being nice to your neighbors costs nothing and fosters a pleasant community atmosphere.In this time of pandemic though, remember to practice social distancing or maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from other people.


    1. Thou shalt keep the noise down
      Sound travels through walls and floors, so noise is a common complaint in condominiums. Be a good neighbor and keep your speakers’ and your voice’s volume to a minimum. Also, avoid stomping your feet and dragging furniture at night. Consider that others are likely turning in early for the night.

    1. Thou shalt keep an eye on your kids
      Kids are all adorable! But not everyone loves children. If you have little ones, its best to teach them proper manners and social interaction – like respecting other people and their spaces.  Explain that the playground, play room, and pool are where they can play with their friends, but the utility rooms, hallways and elevators are off-limits.


    1. Thou shalt pay the association dues on time
      Condo corporations collect association dues for the operation and maintenance of the entire building.  A consistent and regular upkeep of the building not only provides for a clean and liveable space, but can also increase the property value.


    1. Thou shalt be mindful of shared spaces
      Though the condo’s housekeeping staff maintain the communal areas, it is no reason to liter. Everyone uses the amenity deck to relax and make friends. Be considerate of the other residents and throw your soda cans and tissues in the trash cans.


    1. Thou shalt be kind to the condo personnel
      The receptionist, guards, and maintenance staff are the professionals that keep the condominium running like a well-oiled machine. Treat them with respect and dignity at all times.


  1. Thou shalt not throw anything from the balcony
    Whether it’s a cigarette butt or your ex’s clothes, nothing should be thrown out of the balcony. Littering contributes to pollution and poses a hazard to those living below you.

    1. Thou shalt follow the garbage schedule
      The upkeep of your unit is entirely up to you. Waste disposal, however, is everybody’s business. No one wants someone else’s garbage stinking up the whole floor. Do everyone a favor and remember the garbage pick-up schedule so it won’t stay in the holding area for too long.


  1. Thou shalt report suspicious activities
    Seen some unsavory character lurking around? Noticed anything weird lately? Call the building admin immediately. In a community, everyone looks out for each other’s safety.

  1. Thou shalt remember the golden rule
    For everyone to live in peace and harmony, live by these words: don’t do unto others what you don’t want others to do unto you.

We all want to have a harmonious relationship with our neighbors and be a part of a friendly community.  Let’s all do our share to help our own neighborhoods.
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