July 17, 2021

The Estate Makati: Where sunrise and sunset are always on the menu


Makati is a city best enjoyed from the street: it’s filled with surprises on every comer, with Ayala Avenue providing the soundtrack to your discovery. But for the uninitiated, there is more than one way to experience Makati living— from above. Imagine being able to see the sun rising over lush Urdaneta landscaping from one window, and seeing Makati’s night skyline come alive as the sun sets in another. While there will only be a handful of places that give you rich, 270-degree views of the CBD, The Estate Makati lets you enjoy this and more, from the comforts of your own home.
The Estate Makati is the brainchild of ST 6747 Resources Corporation (STRC), the joint venture of SMDC and Federal Land, Inc., and Foster + Partners, the multi-awarded British architecture firm. Foster + Partners is known for many iconic landmark structures globally like The Gherkin in London, Apple Park in Cupertino, and the Hong Kong International Airport. This will be Foster + Partners’ debut development in the country, and as such it was designed with sustainability and longevity in mind. In addition to using passive design techniques that maximize the structure’s strengths, it was also built with sustainable, environmentally friendly materials and construction techniques vetted by the firm themselves.
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