March 12, 2021

The Seasons Residences: Designed with time-tested Japanese concepts


In both the ancient and modern worlds, Japanese design stands out because it exudes beauty in simplicity, has strong regard for functionality and is executed with honesty. No element is wasted in Japanese-designed developments and there is focus on function and experimentation.
“Japanese design creates beauty that is impressive and comfortable but not overly stimulating,” Japanese designer Masakazu Kimura, head of global design for Tokyo-headquartered Nikken Sekkei, tells Property Report PH in an interview.
The practice involves age-old aesthetic concepts such as shibumi or simple beauty; koukyu or timelessness; miyabi, which means elegance; and more philosophical concepts such as omotenashi, referring to the highest standards of hospitality and attention to detail.
Just like Japanese design, Filipino architecture places great importance on connections between people, including family gatherings and shared moments. Open residential design and indoor-outdoor spaces are thus evident in Filipino homes.
Japanese design for the Filipino market
But what if Japanese design and Filipinos’ need for warmth and connection could seamlessly fuse in one’s residence, subtly blending to achieve a place of functionality, style and unparalleled comfort?
The result is a creative opus, which is nothing short of enthralling and elegant.
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