May 15, 2021

Upping the ante, ensuring relevance

Knowledge is power. In a highly dynamic, competitive and evolving industry such as real estate, it pays to be always in the know. With market preferences constantly changing and lifestyles shifting, it is a must for property leaders to be always one step ahead of the game to ensure that the market’s needs and whims are satisfied.
Over the years, we have seen industry players and leaders breaking barriers and going beyond norms to ensure that they sustain the market’s confidence.
Still, industry leaders must continue to be on the lookout for the latest trends and innovations that would allow them to better keep up with the demands of the market. Take for instance the COVID­19 pandemic. If there s anything good that has come out of it, it’s the fact that it compelled many property developers to find more innovative ways to create better projects suitable in a post pandemic era.
But how are developers doing it? How do they ensure they have enough knowledge of the current situation and come up with possible solutions and innovations? We talked to some of the country’s leading developers and asked them how they’re helping their market adapt to the post pandemic era through the kind of projects they build, and how they keep themselves updated with the latest trends in real estate. In the following pages, you would find these developers sharing their strategies on how they managed to remain on top of their game amid the disruptions thrown their way by the pandemic.

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