February 5, 2022

Welcoming the tiger in style

DR. George Sarkinis with Grand Hyatt executives Nicolas Vergnole, Gottfried Bogensperger and Mark Hagan.
Let’s welcome the Year of the Black-Water Tiger on a high note! And our Frenzy group did it by getting together last 31 January for our annual party.
I guess that despite the pandemic, we all want to keep traditions alive, especially this one. Besides, who doesn’t want some good luck, right?
Thankfully we were able to book the only big VIP private room at No. 8 China House in Grand Hyatt Manila. There’s 25 of us, all vaccinated and boosted, so we’re lucky to have booked successfully. Shoutout to our amazing friend, Becky, for organizing this annual shindig we always look forward to!
Read more: Daily Tribune

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