April 1, 2020

Your Ultimate Guide to Online Grocery Shopping during the Quarantine

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With Luzon in a month-long quarantine, many people in Metro Manila rush to the supermarkets to store up on food and other essentials. Be a smart shopper. List down items that you need before going out so that you can limit your time outside. Forget about panic buying. There might be people out there who need that item you are hoarding more than you do. At this time of crisis, we need to work together to survive.
If you are elderly, a single parent, immunocompromised, or simply want to avoid exposing yourself to the virus, then online grocery shopping is your most convenient option. You can order supplies and have them delivered straight to your doorstep.
Here is a quick list of websites that we think might help.
Online groceries

  1. MetroMart Philippines 
    MetroMart can take care of your shopping list from your favorite supermarkets such as S&R Membership Shopping, Robinsons Supermarket, Watsons, National Bookstore, Pet Express, and more. MetroMart is available online or in app.
  2. Landers
    Whether you need regular shopping, bulk supplies, or imported goods, Landers has a delivery service available for selected areas of Metro Manila.
  3. WalterMart Delivery
    WalterMart supermarket offers an online grocery delivery option on their website. Although currently, they have full slots up to March 31.
  4. Lazmart
    The grocery arm of Lazada, Lazmart accepts orders for your basic grocery needs, except fresh and frozen goods.
  5. Pushkart PH
    Pushkart offers pantry staples, fresh produce, baby products, personal care, and more. You can shop at their website or download their app.
  6. Gerald PH
    Known as the healthy and gourmet grocer, Gerald PH has an extensive selection of artisan bread, free-range poultry, wine and cheese, exotic foods, and alternative diets.
  7. The Green Grocer
    For organic options, The Green Grocer’s got it for you.  They accept orders for fresh produce, grass-fed meat, premium deli, personal care, pet items, and more.

Vegan Options

  1. Try Vegan
    Try Vegan is a vegan grocer and restaurant in BF Parañaque offering fresh produce and hot meals.
  2. Ancient Homies
    Bulacan-based Ancient Homies offers vegan “Ulam in a Jar” sisig, curry, adobo, bagoong available for delivery within Metro Manila.
  3. PlantLab Manila
    PlantLab Manila delivers vegan food products such as tofu feta cheese, vegan mushroom burger, vegan longanisa, and more.
  4. Vegan Options
    Vegan Options delivers frozen plan-based meat products and ready-to-eat meals within Metro Manila and selected provinces.

Fruits & Vegetables

  1. Bukid Fresh
    Bukid Fresh offers fresh harvest straight from farmers of local and seasonal fruits and vegetables.
  2. Zagana
    Zagana is an online platform that offers fresh produce direct from local Filipino farmers.
  3. Fresh Produce
    Fresh Produce delivers fresh fruits and vegetables a day after your order.
  4. Always Fresh PH Fruit Delivery
    Always Fresh is an online grocery that delivers a variety of fresh fruits around Metro Manila.

Meat, Poultry & Seafood

  1. Rare Food Shop
    Rare Food Shop delivers premium beef, burger patties, lamb, and seafood in Metro Manila and nearby areas.
  2. Limon Farms
    Limons Farms is a Batangas-based farm open for delivery orders of organic eggs, chicken, and pork.
  3. Wild Caught
    Wild Caught offers export-grade and freshly caught seafood. For orders, shop via Wild Caught’s order form.


  1. Mercury Drug Gamot Padala
    For a hassle-free transaction, you can order online at Mercury Drug website and pick it up on your preferred location.
  2. MedExpress
    MedExpress is an online hospital outpatient pharmacy. To avail the senior citizen or persons with disability discount, call the hotline (02) 8333-3333.
  3. Rose Pharmacy
    Rose Pharmacy delivers a wide range of medication and beauty products nationwide.
  4. Watsons Online Pharmacy
    Available online or in app, Watsons offer free delivery service for a minimum purchase.


  1. Coke Beverage PH
    What’s a meal without water, juice, or a fizzy drink? Coke Beverages accepts orders for soft drinks, water, and other fluids.
  2. Boozy
    Boozy has a wide array of beverages to raise your spirits. They are currently only accepting orders from Makati, Manila, Pasay, Taguig, and Pateros.
  3. Winery
    Winery offers bulk discounts for sets of 12 bottles and more so you can easily stock up your cellar, even in quarantine.

Pet Needs

  1. Pet Warehouse
    If you need a new toy for your furry friend, Pet Warehouse can help you with that. They offer free shipping for all orders above 995.
  2. Pet Food Delivery Services
    Pet Food Delivery Services is an online pet shop delivering to Metro Manila. They accept orders for pet food, accessories and recipes.

A friendly reminder for everyone: remember to be patient and considerate in this trying time. Take note that, with the high demand for groceries, delayed deliveries are inevitable. Moreover, make sure that your virtual grocery cart only has what you need. Say no to panic buying!

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