September 28, 2021

Zen and sensibility

Architect Paul Noritaka Tange talks about the notable projects of his firm, Tange Associates and their collaboration with Federal Land
The Japanese are known to be sensible, simple and minimalist. These characteristics are epitomized in their famous Zen philosophy which also promotes relaxation ways to cope with the rigors of daily living.
No wonder many designers, building and home owners adopt the Zen philosophy in their edifices and homes respectively. Moreover, Zen also spells success as personified by multi-titled NBA Coach Phil Jackson.
Just like Jackson, Federal Land Inc. is also adopting the Zen philosophy to its Midori Grand Hotel Ortigas project. It is logical for Federal Land to bring Zen because it will not only bring success to the organization but also deliver a serene atmosphere to neutralize the hustle and bustle of the city right in the heart of Metro Manila.
World famous Tokyo-based architecture firm Tange Associates will be project’s design consultant with GF & Partners Architects as Architect-of-Record, to add local perspective to the project.
Tange Associates Chairman Paul Noritaka Tange, son of iconic Japanese architect Kenzo Tange, told participants in a recent webinar that he is carrying the torch for his late father in interpreting Japanese style into architecture.
Tange stressed the Zen style does not promote flamboyance. “It’s not ‘me-me’ structures that want to stand out in an environment,” he said.
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