July 12, 2022

7 Essential Tips to Start and Grow Your Own Condo Garden

Bringing in some greenery inside your condo unit through gardening can have a calming effect on the mind. Since most people have been indoors ever since the pandemic, condo dwellers who value nature’s tranquility started investing in condo gardens to bring a portion of nature into their homes.
If you think that your unit can’t handle a garden, think again. Condos are a perfectly good place to start your gardening hobby. You only need to know a few tips to make sure your indoor garden thrives. Here are some things you can do to create a wonderful mix of greens inside your condo.

7 Tips to Start Your Condo Garden Journey

Know the ideal locations inside your unit

Focus on areas you frequent. Plants are one of the best ways to improve your space’s air quality. Growing plants in areas where you often spend your time can improve air quality indoors.
Identify spaces where you can put up shelves or hang pots for your plants. It should be accessible to ensure plants can be cared for. Ideally, your chosen spots should be near windows  that get enough sunlight .  And remember, not all plants require the same amount of sunlight. So, choose carefully based on how much or how little light they need. 

Get the right plants

Consider your lifestyle and your garden knowledge when choosing plants for your condo garden. Best to get low-maintenance plants like succulents if you’re always on the go. For beginners, you can invest in seed sheets as this can save you gardening time. You can opt for ones that need more attention and effort if your schedule permits it. 
Note the other living requirements of the plants you’re going to take, as well. Do they require full sunlight or will they thrive in the shade? Will their roots need space to breathe, or will a small pot suffice? These factors will determine which types of plants can survive in your condo’s climate. 

Place the right containers in the right spots

Aside from sunlight, plants also need sufficient water. With that, you must have a drain in your condo garden where pots can release excess water. If you don’t have drains nearby, make sure your plants have lids and plates underneath them to catch the excess water. 
Containers can also make gardening in your condo a breeze by letting you move or place your plants more easily. For example, hanging baskets can help you place plants overhead. On the other hand, window baskets for outdoor areas like the balcony are great for maximizing the limited space of your condo. If you want a bit more oomph in your design, you can put your potted plants inside a rattan basket.

Create a watering schedule

plants need water to survive. So, set up a watering schedule based on the water requirements of your leafy friends. You don’t have to follow it down to the T, but make sure they have enough water. This is especially helpful with the weather’s intense heat, as some plants may dry up more easily than others. You might need to adjust your watering schedule to prevent over or under-watering them.
You can always check their moisture levels by sticking a finger in the soil. If you don’t want to dirty your hands, get a stick and pierce it on the ground to see which part of the soil is wet. 
Then, check for signs of watering problems to help you make the necessary adjustments. Yellowing leaves usually mean overwatering, while dried-out ones often indicate underwatering issues. 

Try vertical gardening

Creativity is a must-have when dealing with any urban garden. Here, vertical gardening offers an alternative route, particularly for condos. Vertical planters can give you more space to grow air purifying plants inside your home without taking up much floor area. Opt for slim and tall potted plants to give more variety and design in your home garden.

Maximize your balcony space 

Fruiting and flowering plants achieve their best forms when they’re situated outside, and condo balcony gardens may do just the trick! 
However, you need to check first the balcony’s environment. Your plants may not survive the strong winds and sweltering heat with the usual rainy and hot weather. So, choose the hardiest plants for your balcony. 

Don’t forget about the fertilizer

Container-grown plants require much more attention than in-the-ground ones. Since the plants will be potted, they will exhaust the nutrients in the soil. You’ll need to stay on top of the soil’s nutrient level by adding some compost or organic fertilizer.
When changing pots or adding new plants, don’t recycle the old soil. Chances are, its nutrients are all drained and may even contain harmful bacteria.

Be One with Nature Inside Your Home

Being indoors for a long period can weigh on a person. Fortunately, having an indoor garden can help uplift your mood as it brings a touch of the outside world into your home. Even in a condo, you can have a perfect garden—you just need to follow a few tips. By being smart with your garden and plant choices, you can achieve a nature-centric garden in your unit.
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