August 2, 2021

7 Interior Design Hacks to Make Condo Spaces Look Bigger

how to make condo spaces bigger

Condos offer a cozy and convenient way of living. You have most things within an arm’s reach, or at least you don’t have to walk far to get from point A to point B. However, if you live in a condo, you may find that space is a luxury since it can get pretty cramped if you leave things unorganized.

Fortunately, you can remedy this. The best part about condos is that they’re easier to re-decorate and reorganize compared to a single-detached home. By simply choosing the right furniture and décor, you can give the illusion of more space while bringing out your unit’s beauty and functionality. 

7 Ways to Make Your Condo Space Look Bigger

If your current goal is to make your space look bigger—whether you’re looking to redesign your condo or for ideas for your condo renovation plan—then you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few tips to provide you with space-saving tips and items that are worth investing in.

1. Use mirrors

mirrors as decor

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Mirrors create an illusion of depth which makes a room look larger and more open. They also reflect artificial and natural light, so the room appears brighter. Placing a large, framed mirror on or against a wall can make your space look like it has more square footage than it has.

When arranging mirrors, get creative! You can distribute a few small mirrors around a room or place them together to create one large mirror. You can also set one near a window, so it reflects the view outside. Add a beveled plate mirror on a glass tabletop or use mirrored cabinet doors and drawers.

2. Go for convertible furniture

Condo spaces and tiny homes have encouraged furniture designers to think outside the box. As a result, plenty of multifunctional and convertible furniture has emerged, all of which can help you save space and money.

convertible furniture

Source: Stocksnap

Convertible furniture such as folding or expandable tables, sofa beds, and wall-mounted desks are ingenious solutions to your space-saving needs. There are also many storage options out there that come in the form of commonplace furniture. For instance, you can use storage ottomans, beds, staircases with built-in drawers, and chests that serve as tables.

3. Bank on a lighter color scheme

lighter color scheme at home

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When thinking of the best color scheme to emphasize space, you’re probably thinking white. This is because white has reflective properties which make a room feel open, light, and airy. However, note that you’re not just limited to white. Beige, mint green, tan, pearl grey, and soft yellow are just some colors that can give the same airy effect.

Remember to follow a tonal theme for your space. Use three to four tones with monochrome palettes. If you think a light color scheme will make your unit look cold, pair it with warming elements such as wood and plants. This combination is perfect for adding character to your room and keeping it simplified at the same time.

4. Choose blinds over curtains
classy blinds
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Curtains can add a certain degree of elegance to a room, but if your priority is to make your space look bigger, then you may want to reconsider. Heavy drapes and long, stuffy curtains can hinder your view of the outside. They also act as visual clutter, breaking the illusion of space.

Blinds make a room appear more streamlined, keep any space simple, and help filter light while still giving you privacy. Lightweight mesh or cloth blinds, vertical blinds, and Venetian blinds are great options to start.

5. Scale down on décor

minimalist decor

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When designing your home, décor serves as an accessory to help achieve your desired look. But, as it is with accessories, it’s best not to go overboard! Too much stuff can make your space look cramped. Instead, practice getting rid of décor that is impractical and holds no meaning for you.

Keep your collections or trinkets organized in one area, on shelves, or behind doors and table skirts. Minimize pictures and paintings on walls, as well as rugs on the floor. When things are kept simple and neatly arranged, your space will look orderly and more open.

6. Use vertical space

use verticals

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Emphasizing vertical space can increase the sense of openness and enhance the feeling of movement and flow. Tall furniture such as shelves, a large painting, and even a bare hanging light can add vertical depth from floor space.

Streamlined furniture such as tables and chairs with sleek legs allows light to flow through them, making the lower part of your space look more open. If you can, avoid using chunky or boxy sofas that hinder that open illusion.

7. Don’t be afraid to go large

Less is more, but this doesn’t always apply to the size of your furniture. Yes, small pieces of furniture allow for more space, but they can make everything in your space look tiny, emphasizing the smallness of a room. Conversely, mixing in a few larger pieces can help anchor the room, such as bookcases, couches, and statement art.

choose focal point

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Remember to be strategic and place these large items on the room’s perimeter to maintain the illusion of depth. For instance, a piece of statement art on the wall serves as a focal point and makes the area around that look more spacious.

Take It Easy with Space Saving

While they do come with their challenges, a well-arranged condo can ultimately embody the most spacious homes. That well-arranged space is achievable, especially now that you’ve learned some essential interior design hacks. First, determine what best works for your preferences and the specifications of your condo. Then, study every element of each room and see how it can maximize your limited space.

The goal here is to create a space that feels unique, stylish, yet practical. Avoid making drastic changes and always keep personal style and functionality in mind. But, again, space is a luxury, so make every piece of furniture or décor count.

If you want to make the most out of your interior design hacks, consider getting a condo from a reputable property developer such as Federal Land. Email us today for a list of available and pre-selling properties, and we’ll be happy to give you more information.

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