May 25, 2022

How to Keep Cool in Your Condo in the Dog Days of Summer

Last April, the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical, and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) recorded the hottest day in the metro at 35.9º C around Port Area in Manila. It hasn’t been that long since the heatwave. You can still feel the extreme warmth of the scorching sun and the humidity in the air. 
During these times, your condo may also be uncomfortably hot. Simply moving from one area to another may cause you to break a sweat immediately. As such, keeping an ideal temperature in your condo can be helpful.
Beside alleviating your general discomfort, knowing how to cool down your space is vital for your health. Heat-related conditions such as heat stroke and heat exhaustion are more common during the summer. 
Learn how you can cool down and be comfortable in your condo under the intense summer heat with these tips. 

Get as much shade as possible

Sun rays pouring through your windows are one factor that heats up your unit. You could block the sun and lower the temperature by investing in shades or blackout curtains. Neutral-colored curtains with white plastic backing can help reduce heat in a room by 33%. Alternatively, you could also use curtains with thick fabric to block out as much of the sun’s rays as possible to keep your condo from getting too hot. 

Open and close your windows strategically

Opening windows isn’t always the best option for keeping your home cool. It can even be counterproductive to open your windows during the day. It’s best to do this when the temperature outside is lower than in your condo.
The optimum times to open your windows are early mornings and late evenings. So, keep the cool air inside by closing your windows most of the day. 

Turn off unused appliances

The use of appliances can add heat to your condo unit. Appliances like your television, oven, computer, refrigerator, and stove generate heat. Of course, using these home essentials is unavoidable. However, you can keep your unit cool with the right strategy. 
Use heat-generating appliances like ovens, toasters, and stoves during the cooler periods of the day—that could be early morning or evening. It’s best not to use these appliances all at once; space out their usage instead. You could power down the TV when you have other things to do and turn off the lights when not in use, as well. 

Keep the air moving

Air should always be moving and flowing through your unit to dissipate as much heat as possible. When you open a fan or the air conditioner, air moves to every part of your space.
You could control your condo ventilation by closing the doors of rooms you don’t use, but keep the doors to the bathroom or the bedroom open. By doing this, you’re preventing air from becoming stale, muggy, and stuffy. Generating a good draft of cross ventilation using two fans is also a great way to cool down your unit by moving air without having to turn on the AC. 

Get some indoor plants

Placing indoor plants has multiple benefits. For one, they serve as a physical shade to windows. Snake plants and bamboo can help shade your space from the sun’s rays. Plus, having plants in your room makes it look cooler to the eye. Another benefit of having indoor plants is the added oxygen circulation and moisture it brings to indoor air.  

Go for a swim

If the temperature inside your unit is becoming too hot, maybe you should spend some of your time outside. Look for a condo for sale in the Philippines with amenities like a swimming pool. You could take a refreshing dip to help cool you down. 
As you take a swim, you might as well enjoy the unrestricted circulation of fresh air. Check out Federal Land’s Mi Casa. This property captures the breeze, greeneries, and resort-type amenities of Hawaii living, perfect for cooling down during summer. 

Switch your lightbulbs

Most of the energy used by incandescent bulbs emits heat. By swapping to energy-efficient bulbs like LED lights, you’re working toward cooling your condo and saving on your monthly electricity bill. According to EarthLED, “While LEDs will generate heat, it will be a fraction of that compared to a traditional technology bulb.” 

Lower your mattress

Your mattress height can make a big difference in staying cool. Having a low bed means getting closer to cool air since hot air rises. The kind of mattress you have matters, as well. Memory foam mattresses tend to get hot when you lie in them for long. A bed with built-in cooling gel can prevent you from feeling stuffy at night. 

Change your bedsheets

During the summer season, opt for sheets with lighter material. Put your fleece blankets and thick sheets in storage until the colder months and replace them with breathable, cotton fabric sheets. 

Keep Yourself and Your Home Cool

As the country becomes warmer, you must know how to keep your condo cool. Take a few of these tricks and bring them home, whether adding a plant to your space or lowering your mattress. You could also choose a property designed to keep heat to a minimum.
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