September 12, 2022

8 Reasons Why Urban Green Spaces are Necessary to Modern Living

child frolicking in a green space situated in an urban area

Humans are inherently connected with nature. You can see it in how people feel the need to go to parks, beaches, and other open spaces to relax and enhance their overall well-being. Many theories state that this attraction to nature is related to people’s reliance on the environment for survival in the prehistoric era. 

As such, most city dwellers still look for green spaces amid their busy lives enclosed by concrete structures. A recent Federal Land brand study shows that the presence of open spaces and greeneries which provide excellent ventilation is one of the biggest motivators in buying a condominium unit.

Green spaces are not just for individuals to enjoy; the positive effects of having nearby greeneries and open spaces also bode well for the community and its nearby environs.

Benefits of Green Spaces in Urban Living

1. Relieves anxiety and improves mental well-being

Did you know that staying in urban green spaces for at least 20 to 30 minutes can lower stress hormone levels and improve overall well-being? This finding is just one of the many confirmations researchers have found regarding the connection of humans with nature.

Other studies have also shown that being around nature can lower blood pressure, enhance immune system functions, increase self-esteem, reduce anxiety, and improve mood. These outcomes prove that urban green spaces provide people with their much-needed “nature pill” for their busy lives.

2. Encourage more physical activities

the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the importance of having open and green spaces in urban areas to protect human health. These spaces offer people safe and accessible places for activities such as walking, running, cycling, or sports and games that improve physical and mental health.

For this reason, urban planners and public health advocates in the Philippines consistently lobby for public parks and green spaces in cities, especially in Metro Manila.

Federal Land’s residential properties have outdoor amenities such as jogging areas, reflexology paths, and biking trails to promote physical activity. They are lined with trees, shrubs, and grass to help people feel connected with nature while exercising.

3. Reduce the urban heat island effect

If you feel hotter in the city than in the province, you’re likely experiencing the urban heat island (UHI) effect. This phenomenon occurs because city buildings and roads are made from asphalt, steel, and brick, which are dark materials that absorb and convert all light energy wavelengths into heat.

Meanwhile, rural areas are abundant in trees and plants that absorb and transform water into a vapor that helps cool the surroundings. Urban green spaces provide city dwellers the best of both worlds. This type of space allows them to remain in the city while enjoying the benefits of staying around nature.

Similarly, Federal Land’s residential properties have landscaped gardens and courtyards abundant with plants and trees. These green areas allow residents to relax and enjoy cool and fresh air without leaving the city.

4. Curb noise pollution

Living a modern life in the city means dealing with various sources of noise pollution such as air and road traffic, construction sites, and nightclubs in certain areas. While this type of pollution is something you might tolerate for a time, remember that it eventually leads to health problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease, sleep disturbances, stress, and hearing loss.

Urban green spaces help keep these problems at bay since trees and shrubs can diffract, absorb, refract, and mask sound waves. Studies have shown that low noise levels in urban green spaces allow people to perform outdoor physical activities comfortably.

5. Improve air quality

Air pollution affects both human health and the economy. A 2021 study showed that populations consistently exposed to poorer air quality are more at risk of COVID-19.

Urban green spaces can help mitigate these problems since they are natural filters for gases and particulate matter in urban environments. Trees can also remove as much as 15% of the ozone, 14% sulfur dioxide, 8% nitrogen dioxide, and 0.05% carbon monoxide from the air.

More importantly, urban green spaces allow condo dwellers to take a breather from indoor air. If you’re planning to get a condo, check if the property provides access to clean outdoor air.

6. Induce more social interactions

Public spaces such as parks, playgrounds, and other open areas foster social interactions and create a sense of community among neighbors and friends. Natural environments also encourage people to engage in cooperative and prosocial behavior.

Federal Land properties such as One Wilson Square, Central Park West, and Madison Park West have gazebos, trellis seating areas, and courtyards made for social interactions. Residents can hold celebrations and other social gatherings with their families, friends, and co-residents in these amenities to strengthen their relationships.

7. Provide pockets of green spaces

Urban green spaces preserve vibrant ecology that supports biodiversity, sustains the environment, and helps people live healthier lives. These also support urban food systems, provide thermal comfort, and promote coexistence with other living beings like plants and animals.

For these reasons, residential properties from Federal Land like The Grand Midori Ortigas and The Seasons Residences are planned with landscaped gardens and open spaces. This design philosophy helps residents stay connected with nature while enabling lush greens to thrive and take their natural course within the city.

8. Increase a property’s aesthetic appeal

Urban green spaces also increase the aesthetic appeal of residential properties like modern condominiums. A 2021 study from Santos Knight Frank found that 41% of Filipinos looking for second homes are keen on “greener” or energy-efficient properties. Filipinos also see green space as the top consideration when choosing homes based on location.

A different set of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) particularly expressed interest in open and green spaces near metro stations with better connectivity. They even see properties with such spots as their ideal post-retirement home where they can enjoy both nature and modern facilities.

Connect with Nature Amid the Bustling City

With humans being innately drawn to nature, urban green spaces are now more critical than ever. Not only can urban green areas help you take a break from your busy life, but also support your lifestyle, strengthen your relationships, and improve your overall well-being.

When looking for a condo for sale in the Philippines, consider Federal Land in your options. Their focus is on developing thoughtfully-designed projects with green and open spaces, especially in light of the realizations during the pandemic. 

Best of all, their RFO and pre-selling condos are also located in prime spots with high investment potential in the Philippines, giving aspiring condo dwellers more bang for their buck. Consult with their real estate professionals today to choose a condo that focuses on human and environmental health.

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