August 15, 2021

Whisky And Watches: Rediscover The Finer Things In Life With Federal Land Conversations

whisky and watches

Fine watches and excellent whisky. These are two of the most popular choices of sophisticated people with discerning taste.
To rediscover the world of time and spirits, Federal Land hosted a webinar series titled Federal Land Conversations – Living the Finer Life. The webinars showcase lifestyle and investment workshops aimed at reigniting passions and appreciating finer things in life.
The three-part webinar series is hosted by Carl Cunanan, Editor-in-Chief of Calibre Magazine and C! Magazine. As a prominent watch connoisseur, Cunanan also shared his expertise on watches during the first featured Federal Land Conversations. This was followed by founder of dramboxph and the Philippine liaison of Scotch Malt Whisky Society. The third webinar will be all about the creation and appreciation of luxury cars airing on August 18. Carl Cunanan and Lexus Philippines Brand Manager Jade Sison will share the story of how to first-rate craftmanship and cutting-edge technology in every Lexus vehicle.
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