couple getting a home loan, concept for pre qualification vs pre approval

Home Loan Pre-approval vs. Pre-qualification: What’s the Difference?

The condo buying process involves many steps. Securing financing is probably the most important one. Aspiring homeowners often seek pre-approval or pre-qualification for their home loans to begin their home-buying journey. Unfortunately, these two terms are often misused interchangeably, even though the two concepts are vastly different. If you’re looking to buy the condo of […]

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An OFWs Guide in Buying Property in the Philippines 1 1

An OFWs Guide in Buying Property in the Philippines

Buying a home is one of the goals of every Filipino, especially those who work hard in another country to provide for their loved ones.  And with the construction boom in the country, OFWs are now given the opportunity of buying their dream home and investing in real estate.

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What is Real Estate Investment and How to be an Investor

Real estate investment is one of the three time-tested ways to build wealth, along with stock trading and small business ventures.

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