Japanese Inspired Interior Designs at The Grand Midori Ortigas

5 Japanese-Inspired Design Trends for People Who Love Minimalist Looks

Japanese designers have just mastered the art of minimalism. Japan has an aesthetic like no other. While most parts of the world find beauty in extravagant styles and embellishments, Japan finds beauty in serenity and simplicity. This is seen in how they design their home spaces and this is one of the reasons why places […]

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article aug042022

Wabi-sabi: A Primer on Japanese Interior Design Principles

Japanese interior design is known for its simplicity, elegance, and delicateness. The use of light and airy interiors with neutral colors and furniture made of natural materials is common in many Japanese structures. Altogether, these ideals pay a fitting tribute to minimalism and nature. One of these principles is wabi-sabi. As a design philosophy, wabi-sabi […]

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Sea of tranquility in bustling Ortigas

It is built to serve as your antidote to a stressful, challenging lifestyle amid the pandemic

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