September 8, 2020

12 Ways to Put a Spare Room to Good Use

Spare rooms are seldom used as guest rooms, but more often than not used as a dumping ground for items that have no other home. When you have all the rooms you need, an extra room can be challenging to utilize as a practical space. However, with some planning and clever design, you can make the most of your spare room and create a space that works for you and your family.

If you have a spare room but no idea what to do with it, here are 12 great ideas you can do to put it to good use.

What To Do With a Spare Room

1. Home office

Now that working from home is the preferred option of the majority, a home office is definitely the best reason to rearrange that spare room. Defining this room as your workspace means you can continue to create a distinction between work and personal activities, plus, you have a fixed area for your computer, printer, and paperwork. And after a long day at work, closing the door to your office can mean coming home.

2. Indoor Garden

Gardening can be hard in cities, especially for those in condominiums. But if you have large windows and abundant light, you can make it work. You can cultivate your plants in a spare room, just outfit it with shelving and proper light fixtures for your seedlings.

3. Home Theater

If you’re a film buff whose taste differs from your family, turn your unused room into a personal cinema. Set the scene with a big-screen TV and surround sound, then add a lazy boy and a mini-fridge, and you’ve got the perfect place for watching the latest releases.

4. Tea room

For tea lovers, a tea room at home is the ultimate luxury. Whether you prefer to savor your cha the Asian way in Zen minimalist interiors, or in a traditional British tea room with scones and macarons, a tea room will surely elevate your serene tea-sipping afternoons.

5. Library

If you want to live like Belle from “Beauty and the Beast,” a private library is your best bet for a spare room. Line your walls with your beloved books and save a corner for a snug recliner, some fluffy cushions, and bright lighting for a comfy reading nook. You will get lost in a book in no time.

6. Bar lounge

Like to entertain guests over drinks? A private bar can turn a spare room into a cozy lounging space where good drinks and long conversations go hand-in-hand. Add in a wine fridge, an ice maker, and you are all set.

7. Classroom

Attending Zoom classes at the kitchen table can be a bit distracting for the kids. Create a space where your children can concentrate on their school work with all the necessary things at the ready. A dedicated classroom can also help create a semblance of normality for the children.

8. Art Studio

Your spare room can be an art studio, a photo studio, a workshop, or anything that can accommodate your hobbies. Turn it into a quiet space where you have no distractions and let your creativity flow.

9. Music room

Do you want to practice the piano, learn drums, or write your own tunes? The vacant room can be your very own music studio. Just lay down proper sound insulation to be considerate to the neighbors. Then add a few comfortable cushions for when you have an audience.

10. Personal gym

A home gym is an excellent idea for fitness enthusiasts and those starting their health journey. Fit it with your favorite equipment, some wall-length mirrors, your hype playlist, and you are ready for a rigorous workout session. Such a room at home will fire you up to achieve some serious fitness goals.

11. Glam room

You don’t have to walk the runway to get your own glam room. Your spare room can be a large dressing room for your designer clothes, bags, jewelry, and beauty products that may otherwise take up space in your bedroom. Stylize it with modern shelves, beauty lights, large mirror, and maybe a catwalk in the center.

12. Family room

A spare room with large windows is best made into a cozy family room where the family can get-together to relax, watch entertaining flicks, share delectable snacks, and lots of warm, cordial banter.

You can take two or more of the ideas to create a space for multiple purposes. Combine your home theater with your family room for fun-filled movie nights with the kids. Add a breakfast table in your garden room for a bright and airy weekend brunch. Choices are endless when it comes to making the most out of your room.

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