July 18, 2018

How to Make a DIY Terrarium for Your Condo

Want a garden in your condo but space, sunlight and time are a concern?

Try to grow small plants in a terrarium. A terrarium is a mini garden usually sealed in a glass container like fishbowl – like an aquarium but for plants. Terrariums are perfect for condo homeowners as they easy to maintain with just some moisture and glances of light. You can place it on a coffee table or a shelf, arrange for indirect light and an occasional mist of water – and they will be a healthy and delightful sight in your home.

Making a terrarium is surprisingly simple. All you need are some creativity and planning. Here is the step-by-step DIY terrarium.

How to Make a DIY Terrarium for Your Condo

Materials you’ll need:

  • Glass container
  • Pebbles
  • Potting Soil
  • Activated Carbon/Charcoal
  • Mini Plants
  • Décor (optional)


Step 1: Prepare the Container

You can use any clear glass container like an aquarium, fish bowl, jar, vase, coffee pot or hand-blown glass terrariums. Wash the container and remove any stickers, tags, screws and other things unnecessary in the garden.

Succulents and cacti prefer lots of air; they will thrive in an open container. While most tropical plants like moss and ferns favor humidity; a container with a lid might be best for them.

Step 2: Create a Drainage

Fill the bottom with pebbles to create a drainage layer to avoid soaking the soil and plants. The size and depth of the rocks depend on the size of the container.

Step 3: Add the Activated Charcoal

Cover the layer of rocks with activated charcoal (carbon) to filter the water, prevent fungi growth and keep the ecosystem healthy.

Step 4: Fill in the soil

Fill the container about halfway with the appropriate soil. Succulents need cactus soil while other plants need regular potting soil.

Step 5: Plant the plants

Take the plant from the pot and brush off the old soil carefully around the roots to fit well in the terrarium. Plant the plants from largest to smallest, and pat down the soil lightly so as not to be uprooted easily. Avoid overplanting. Give plants some breathing room for growth and landscaping.

The most important thing is to choose tiny slow-growing plants to avoid overcrowding. You will also need to consider the plants’ environmental needs like soil, water and light requirements.

Step 6: Decorate

Add little figurines, rocks, sands, moss or décor piece to the landscape. Imagination is the limit for a whimsical garden world look.

Step 7: Maintain the Garden

Water the terrarium once a week. The soil in an open terrarium should always remain barely moist, and not dry. Closed terrariums should almost never need watering. If the glass gets moist, open the lid to let some water evaporate.

Terrariums are essentially miniature greenhouses. Remember not to place the terrarium in direct sunlight or hot areas, as the glass will trap the heat and scorch the plants.

Prune dead leaves to prevent rotting. If a plant dies, remove it immediately to maintain the health of the ecosystem.

Happy planting!

Wrapping up

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