is real estate investment good

Is Real Estate a Good Investment?

Want to know if real estate is a good investment for you? Here’s a checklist of factors and benefits to consider when you’re eyeing to invest in real estate.

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types of real estate investments 1

5 Different Types of Real Estate Property Investments

Having trouble figuring out what type of real estate property you want to invest in? Read on to learn about the types of real estate in the Philippines.

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Top 10 Forecast For 2019 And How Can It Help Your Real Estate Investment

In the report, Colliers explained how the strong demand and evolving preference of tenants is giving rise to flexible workspaces; residential developers are tweaking their projects to cater to Chinese offshore gaming employees and local professionals; and mall operators are more open to foreign food and beverage (F&B) and home furnishing tenants, which will redefine retail space absorption in 2019. Colliers also said it sees developers cashing in on the thriving property market by aggressively acquiring parcels of land outside of the more established business districts.

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What is Real Estate Investment and How to be an Investor

Real estate investment is one of the three time-tested ways to build wealth, along with stock trading and small business ventures.

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5 Must-Have, Easy Investments for Millennials

As young adults finishing school or starting a career, you may find yourself looking for the fastest way to success. While there are no shortcuts, achieving career fulfillment and financial security before 40 is an attainable possibility.

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