September 28, 2022

9 Ways to Make Condominium Living More Environmentally Sustainable

woman taking care of plant in the condo to achieve sustainable living

Living sustainably begins with where you live. Adopting sustainable living practices at home will not only help condo dwellers cut down on their waste, but it is also the key to living a healthy and wholesome lifestyle.

The best thing about shifting to a sustainable lifestyle is that it can be done in small steps without significant spending. If you want to shift to sustainable condo living, this article will provide tips and tricks! 

9 Sustainable Practices for Your Condo

The mantra of the worldwide movement for environmental sustainability is “Think global, act local,” and nothing is more local than your home! 

Here are nine ways to practice sustainable living in your condo:

1. Use blinds and curtains to reduce the indoor temperature

The Philippines’ notoriously scorching heat is a major inconvenience, even at home. Use blinds and curtains to block out as much sunlight as possible and keep your place ventilated. By reducing the indoor heat gain in your condo unit, you’ll reduce the cooling requirements of your air conditioner, which helps it operate more efficiently.

Studies conducted by the DOE show that using medium-colored draperies combined with white plastic backings can help reduce heat gain by up to 33%. As for blinds, they can reduce heat gain by around 45%, especially if they’re reflective. 

It also helps if your condo is equipped with features to reduce the heat from sunlight. The double-glazed windows used by Federal Land in many of its developments, such as Grand Hyatt Manila Residences, can help reduce internal temperatures as they lower the solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC), which is the amount of solar radiation that enters a building as heat via glass windows.

2. Start a balcony garden   

Living in a condo shouldn’t discourage you from putting up an indoor or balcony garden. In fact, having plants is environmentally sustainable and improves your well-being.

Plants can increase the oxygen levels in your immediate environment while helping sequester carbon dioxide from the air. They can also catch pollutants later washed off by the rain, thus helping improve the air quality in your home.

3. Switch to LED lights 

There are many lighting options for homemakers, from incandescent and halogen to LED bulbs. However, when it comes to lighting a room efficiently, they are not created equal.   

If you’re looking for an environmentally sustainable alternative, then consider LED lights. Compared to traditional light bulbs, LED lights provide you the following benefits: 

  • Environmental sustainability: LED bulbs are made of non-toxic materials that are safe to use for the environment.
  • Energy efficiency: They help you save up to 90% on electricity costs, including the cost of filling up a room with multiple lights. They are energy-efficient because they lessen the frequency.
  • Longevity: LED lights also last 30 times longer than traditional light bulbs, so there’s no need to replace them frequently. 

To push for sustainability, Federal Land’s projects incorporate LED lights because they are simply more efficient and produce little warmth, which reduces energy consumption.

4. Compost your leftovers  

It is common practice to segregate dry, wet, and organic wastes to prevent a sticky situation. While dry garbage can be thrown into the bin, as usual, consider composting your organic waste to turn it into nutritious plant food for your balcony garden.

Not only does it reduce the need for landfills and greenhouse gas emissions, but it also puts nutrients back into the soil to promote healthy plant growth.

5. Use water conservatively 

Like any other resource, water is finite and should be conserved. This can be done through simple acts like taking short showers and turning the water off while brushing your teeth. It also helps if your bathroom fixtures are designed with water conservation in mind. 

Federal Land condominiums are furnished with water-efficient toilet fixtures with dual flush technology, which makes water conservation more attainable with single, low-volume flushing. A prime example is the Japanese shower toilets installed at The Seasons Residences at BGC. The innovative bathroom fixtures are not only more sustainable but also add a sense of comfort and luxury to the experience.   

To top it off, Federal Land’s rainwater harvesting system reuses water collected during storms  to maintain the greeneries of the property.

6. Switch to energy-efficient appliances 

Living in a condo requires fewer appliances, but that doesn’t automatically translate to energy efficiency. It pays to save money and take care of the environment by switching to energy-efficient appliances.

For starters, you can invest in appliances equipped with energy-saving technologies like inverters for refrigerators and air conditioners. Consider replacing old, worn-out appliances that are no longer performing optimally and replace them with newer, more efficient ones.

7. Shun single-use plastic items 

Although single-use items provide convenience, they damage the environment as they disintegrate and turn into microplastics, which can then be ingested by the marine animals you eat. 

To reduce your reliance on single-use plastics, switch to their reusable counterparts like stainless steel bottles, bamboo straws, and metal utensils. Don’t throw these single-use items after one use; instead, try to use them multiple times.

8. Buy products with sustainable packaging  

Buy only what you need. Excess items in your condo will make it a headache to organize. Keep in mind also to buy products with sustainable packaging because they can either be recycled or used for composting, which reduces the need for landfills. 

Instead of plastic pouches and bubble wraps, actively search for companies that use biodegradable materials like kraft paper and cardboard in their packaging, as these don’t contribute to the pollution of oceans.

9. Reduce, reuse, and recycle  

The reduce-reuse-recycle approach is vital to eliminating as much waste as you can. By ridding your condo of unnecessary items, you’re not just making it a more livable and spacious place; you also help save landfill space by keeping used materials out and preventing harmful contamination. 

Sustainable and Luxurious Living is Within Your Reach  

You desire a home that delivers comfortable living, but at the same time, you can’t compromise the overall state of your environment. 

Fortunately, Federal Land’s properties grant you both sustainable and luxurious living with its well-built and thoughtfully-designed RFO and pre-selling condominiums located in prime spots in the country. Federal Land properties are embedded with sustainability standards and practices aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to improve the overall living experience and build toward a more sustainable future.

Interested? Check out their properties and see what’s in store for you!

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